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The Countdown Game – A tech toy that encourages play Kickstarter Deal

Comment: I am proud to partner with Pressure Games

The Countdown Game

Beginnig today, July 28 there is a new tech toy in town that promotes active play and social gaming with familiar games in 1 handheld unit. The best way to be of the first to own The Countdown Game is to take advantage of their campaign on Kickstarter.

Whack a Mole

The Countdown has 7 games and 4 play modes in this in unit. Play hide and seek with it or use it as a social table game with friends. I have just as much playing as my 12 year old does. WE play together or can play solo. Try setting it out on the table as a centerpiece when you have a social gathering and watch the adults grab it and get into game mode.

Play time

The Countdown Game Modes (Timed Games)

  1. Hide & Seek is a mode that is played with 2+ players. One person hides it and the others look for it. Once found by a seeker there is a puzzle to correctly solve top stop the timer. Watch out! If you make a mistake, the timer speeds up!
  2. Hot Potato is played with 2-8 players. Each player must play a random puzzle and pass to the next. Whoever is holding Countdown when the timer expires is out.
  3. Table CO-OP is played with 2-8 players. Similar to hot potato, you set the timer to work through challenges as teams or individually before time runs out.
  4. Single Player is just for you! Beat your own time with 12 mini-games to play.

The Countdown Games (Puzzles and Games)

  1. Trigger Finger – You will be assigned a color and as buttons light up different colors you only press in when it lights up your given color.
  2. Color Wheel – The * button will display a color. The player must cycle through all the colors until each button matches the * button.
  3. Whack-A-Mole – it’s like the classic! A button will light up randomly and the player must press that lit up button and it keeps going.
  4. Cut the Wire – Follow the screen prompts as it tells the the player to press one or two colors until all the buttons are no longer lit up
  5. Tie the Bell – A color will light up + you will hear tones. You are only to press the lit up button when it plays the tone
  6. Simon Says – do I need to explain this one? Probably not!
  7. SafeCracker – The player must turn Countdown clockwise or counter-clockwise until the word “hold” appears. The game will light up green and become brighter the closer the player gets to the correct angle.

Impressed yet? There is so much fun you can have and it looks deceiving doesn’t it? Who would guess so many games are packed into this?

But there is one more aspect packed into The Countdown Game and it is in the levels. Set games from level 1-9 depending on age, ability and challenge. This way the young aren’t overwhelmed and trying to beat impossible clocks and the older are challenged enough to have fun!

How to get The Countdown Game BEFORE it hits retail? It is in their Kickstarter campaign.

  1. Head to The Countdown Game Kickstarter Page HERE
  2. Make a pledge that fits the deal you wish to qualify for
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Flip Critts – the comfort of sandals and the security of normal shoes!

Critts shoes

Have you had shoe wars with your child? This 11 year old took his shoe frustrations to the drawing board until he came up with his perfect shoe! These are Flip Critts “Critts”. Carter, who’s nickname is Critt as in the shoe name, needed flip flops that were comfortable but a sandal that also protected his toes. Sone shoes do that, but they left his feet (same with myself from my experience) sweaty and with blisters. Take off the back and you have a flip flop with a croc-style protection at the toes. These are Critts!

child shoe maker

Now, not only are Critts that perfect cross between the comfort of sandals and the security of normal shoes, they made them fun! With over 200 combinations of colors/designs you can get one for the toddler to Mom and Dad too! The one’s I am featuring are red champagne flutes. The design cut outs double as breathing holes. Choosing your design and color combination makes buying these shoes so much fun!

crits design

Critts Comfort

Flip Critts uses Vibram Soles that are considered one of the best outsoles in the world and have always been at the forefront of sole technology. You can climb, hike or just walk comfortably all day in these. The grip allows this and the environmentally Conscious Sweetfoam™ is its midsole that protects the foot from feeling hard or sharp objects.

This leaves the footbed! Memory foam molds to the body in response to pressure. This makes sure that the shoe can support your feet against impact and evenly distributes body weight. I challenge you to find a blister after your day in Critts.

flip critts

How to buy this brand new shoe?

Visit Flip Critts on Kickstarter (they met their goal in 45 minutes)! Because we know and would have assumed anyway that this shoe would be a hit, you get the deal that Kickstarter campaigns offer.

Head to Flip Critts Kickstarter page and click that green Back this Product button. Choose your Pledge Reward and once the campaign ends you will pick your design/color and product will arrive at launch- around November 2020. With this Kickstarter campaign you can get a pair of Critts that will retail at $65 for $40! This campaign will save you so don’t wait. This campaign ends July 19, 2020. They should be to you in time for the Holidays! Visit Critts today!

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Kickstarter Deals with Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle – Giveaway

I have partnered with Finesse Fitness for this giveaway

Kickstarter Deals with Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle - Giveaway

Welcome to the Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle Giveaway

If your excuse for not getting to the gym has been time or travel or even the kids needs then you officially have no excuse! It’s July and if you are falling behind o that resolution you made to get to the gym more, you only have half a year left and you can still make good on that self goal with Finesse Fitness.

SomaSole gives you the resistance training your body needs with no fear of bands slipping from under your feet or frames coming lose from door jams. These bundles are made with safety as well as gym-like stretching, strength building and dynamic exercises, anywhere, anytime.  It is with bands using your own body and a specific link system as well as other accessories for floor workouts that really get your core in shape.

Whether you need that true at-home gym system (the Duffel) or a go-anywhere travel system such as for hotel rooms (the Backpack) excuses are no more! The best part is that Finesse Fitness is running a Kickstarter campaign and we all know the best bindle deals are on these specific campaigns.

Here is some information about this Finesse Fitness SomaSole Kickstarter campaign:

Finesse Fitness has introduced their line of portable, total body workout bundles housed in either a custom-designed backpack or duffel. Built to fit anyone’s lifestyle or fitness level, the bundles consist of meticulously designed equipment created with high-quality and durable materials.  To provide the full workout experience, Finesse Fitness bundles come with a mobile app platform where users can download or stream workouts, connect with their trainer, plan workouts, and give and receive support from the community.

A Kickstarter launched HERE with super early bird specials of $149 as well as including three (3) 30-minute* shoot-around sessions with NBA legend, Metta World Peace.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a SomaSole Bundle (similar to the one listed in the giveaway image at the beginning of this post. Open to US only and 18+. Enter below and good luck!