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Encourage Kids to Wash Their Hands with Clean With Color

Encourage Kids to Wash Their Hands with Clean With Color

Perhaps it has been a new ‘chore’ to encourage kids to wash their hands properly. Proper hand washing requires soap, duration and frequency. Crazy Aaron’s Fun with Colors is a line of sanitizers and soap that your kids will want to use frequently and the color change tells them they have scrubbed for enough time (from color to white).

There are 3 foaming hand soap types – Berry (blue), Strawberry (pink) and Apple (green). There are 4 hand sanitizer types – space, castle, sea and dinosaur. The colors are crazy and they smell good too.

The hand soaps are safe and natural and the sanitizers have a 68% alcohol Antiseptic. They will get clean and have fun doing so.

Visit Crazy Aaron’s website and order your soaps and sanitizers to make the hand washing chore a bit easier on everyone, including the kids.

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Use StrongBoard Balance Board to Maximize your Workout Results

Use StrongBoard Balance Board to Maximize your Workout Results

In early fall I decided to buy an exercise bike. I saw what great results friends had with one and I wondered if having online classes on a bike would motivate me knowing that results will happen. I LOVE that bike! What I love best are the online Instructors and variety. I do 3 rides a week and in between I do strength training.

My StrongBoard Balance® Board arrived and I have now stepped up my arm toning. There are so many ways you can incorporate the StrongBoard Balance Board into a workout and right away I use it for core/balance while doing my arm toning. I can even use it after Pilates when I stack my workouts (hence the no shoes), but it is fine on my feet. I get to work my lower body and arms at once when I use mine this way.

StrongBoard Balance utilizes MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ (MST). MST works with your body to deliver the perfect amount of stimulation to keep your core musculature and stabilizing muscles engaged and contracted, while training your central nervous system, expediting calorie burn, improving posture, proprioception and reaction time – Quote from StrongBorad website

Here are a few ways you can use your StrongBoard Balance Board or Balance Board Mini:

  • Fat Burn Workouts
  • Total Body Workouts
  • Sports Training
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Toning
  • Strength Training (the balance board is 15lbs and can be picked up like a weight)
  • Dynamic Core
  • Shoulder Strength
  • more

My StrongBoard Balance Board came with an exercise guide that stores right on the board so it won’t get separated. The StrongBoard website and YouTube channel have so many exercise videos for you. Once you learn how to use it, you will recognize times you feel like reaching for the balance board in any exercise program you use. You begin to automatically recognize when a series or circuit will be better with it.

You will maximize your workouts by improving core strength, calorie burn and balance while using the StrongBoard Balance Board instead of just standing stationary on a mat or floor. I have even seen many videos where it is used for Physical Therapy successfully.

If you workout at home, in groups, the gym or use it for therapy, the StrongBoard Balance Board will maximize your workout results and strength training experience. Trust me! I am always looking for opportunities to use mine in my circuits. There is a lot more to see on the StrongBoard Balance website, YouTube and Instagram.

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How to Get Help When You Are the Primary Caregiver for Your Parents

How to Get Help When You Are the Primary Caregiver for Your Parents

Your parents took care of you when you were younger, and now things have come full circle, and it is your time to care for them. Traditionally, it’s the norm in many cultures to have a multi-generational home, so having your parents or in-laws join you may have always been on the cards. Regardless, primary caregivers are often exhausted and overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn for help.

In previous years, no doubt your mother or your mother-in-law might have chipped in when you had children and needed an extra set of hands to manage the sleepless nights, endless washing, and ensuring you had food in the fridge. However, being a caregiver has emotional, physical, and financial challenges. Burnout is real, so how can you get help when you are the primary caregiver for your parents?

Emotional help

Asking for help isn’t easy for many people. Do you spend most of your day at home caring for both the older and younger members of your family? Are you nervous about running out for a quart of milk in case your mother wakes up and forgets where she is? 

It can be extremely isolating being a primary caregiver. While your older family members might be deteriorating mentally or physically, it can be challenging to prioritize your own well-being without feeling guilty. Yet, by ensuring that you are OK, you are helping not only yourself but your entire extended family. There are resources available for people to chat with, whether in-person or virtual.

Physical help

Caring is a physically demanding job that can become increasingly challenging after surgery or if your loved one’s health is deteriorating. We spoke to the professional staff at Longhouse, who offer various forms of assisted living. They noted the increased options in the last few decades for seniors and their families regarding types of assistance.

Respite Care is available in many care homes and offers primary caregivers a break from their everyday responsibilities. You can take some time to recharge, spend quality time with your immediate family, go shopping or do whatever helps to realign yourself. Respite Care can be for a set number of hours or days per week or be temporary so that you can attend to other matters that may arise.

Financial help

There are avenues available for seeking financial help, particularly for short term or respite care. Long-term care insurance is typically the first point of contact. A care home can also offer suggestions for seeking assistance, which might include Medicare or State Medicaid. Is your loved one a veteran? The Department of Veterans’ Affairs may also be able to offer financial help.Whether you find yourself caring for your parents or in-laws due to necessity, expectation, or your own deep-seated sense of responsibility, it doesn’t mean that the daily path you walk isn’t without dips and bumps along the way. Know that you are not alone in your feelings and that assistance is available. Consider looking into options before you become overwhelmed.