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Get The Kids Moving With The Ultra Dash Game

I have partnered with Play Monster for this feature


When summer begins we have grand visions of kids running and playing outdoors all day then reality hits. We just finished a 52 day no rain streak here in Seattle and the majority of that time was very high temps and muggy. In Seattle 90 degrees feels like 100 in other locations in the nation. There was a 2 week spread where I told my son to play in the morning but by 11am he needed to be indoors. It was too hot and we had the very poor air quality from fires that were so thick most days. Even his soccer league was canceling practices due to air quality and excessive heat. So, visions of a son away from TV and video games went out the door by week 3 of summer. I did get good at helping him find indoor activities such as having the neighbor kids over enjoying his Ultra Dash game.

This game will get them up and moving and can be played indoors or out. It is rated 6 and older and Anthony is 9 and loves this game so it is great for years of play. You get 5 colored targets to set up as you wish-they can get creative like my son and his friends did. They would set up simple courses in the game room and sometimes use the entire house or a hide and seek with them by putting in difficult spots.


When the color of your wand flashes you have to go find that color target and insert the wand to trigger the next cue. There are 3 game modes explained in the booklet: Beat the Clock, Target Tally and Relay Race–it’s a different game each time you play!

You can have 1 player, play head to head or team to team. There are no words or language, just sounds and lights. The simplicity of it all makes it so much fun and allows them to get creative and competitive in play. You can find Ultra Dash at Walmart and Target stores and it makes a great gift idea for any child the next time you get handed a party invite and struggle to know what gift to get. Girl or boy, ages 6 and up will all have a blast. It is also great to pack in the camping gear. The kids can have a blast all over the campgrounds and they are sure to begin to attract new friends who will ant to join in as they are caught having a blast!

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Anti-Bullying Children’s Book – It’s Good To Be Kind

Copy sent for feature from Wear The Cape Kids

Anti-Bullying Children's Book - It's Good To Be Kind

It’s Good To Be Kind

By: Lauren DuBois Rosemond

Leonard the Lion wears a red cape and doesn’t let his position on the animal chain bring fear towards him from the other animals. Instead he uses his power to empower others. He will teach your pre-schooler to early elementary student to think ahead about their actions and whether they may HURT or HELP those around them. They can learn to be better than bullying and better than bad choices even in their communities.

You can find this book on Amazon and at Wear The Cape’s online shop. Remember, you cannot lift yourself up by putting others down.

About Wear the Cape and the kidkind foundation

Wear the Cape™ is the first global, mission-powered brand with the nerve to equate being kind with being cool. By coaching kids to be BETTER THAN THAT™, Wear the Cape breaks down barriers and brings people together—a world of new values prevails: It’s cool to be inclusive, tolerant and socially responsible. From its line of apparel and accessories, to its educational tools and its own non-profit the kidkind foundation, Wear the Cape sparks awareness and raises money to build heroes, a kid at a time. Wear the Cape’s products and resources are designed to create teachable moments between kids and the grown-ups they look up to with Hero Tags that tee up conversations about what it means to stand up and stand out; to stick up for the underdog; to do what’s right, not what’s easy. Wear the Cape donates 10% of its net profits directly to the kidkind foundation, and the rest is reinvested in the design and production of new products, as well as character-building educational materials for parents and teachers to help the kids they love. Wear the Cape’s work with communities and schools is helping mold everyday heroes that will create a kinder, better world for us all.

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Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats – Review

Thank you to Koeckritz for product sent for feature. Opinions and story is my own

Children's Crazy Carpet Circle Seats - Review

This has been such a hectic moving week. The movers came Wednesday for our items and they will be stored in a vault until our home build is complete late July. We are in a hotel until then near our new town. If you have recently moved you know about boxes, planning and the cleaning. We were renting where we lived so we really had to deep clean as we left. One of my last tasks was shampooing carpets. I did some shampoo where I could so that after the movers came I would just have the few spots under big furniture on the last day. That was a huge time saver.

We had a huge yard sale weeks ago and sold a lot of our older furniture including the dining table. Then I went to shampoo the carpets where our son has to sit and eat. That was pretty nerve wrecking. I am handing him cereal and soups over a nice clean carpet with stern instructions on being careful. Then my carpet circles arrived!

Koeckritz has brilliantly turned the soft cut pile – Polyester Filament Fiber into seats and in my case, floor savers! Initially I thought about my Mom’s classroom when I knew they were coming. But, when I was standing on clean carpets with lunch warming up and the doorbell rings to some boxes. The carpet circles I opened up turned on a light bulb, “Wait! Anthony, I have something to put under that chicken bowl!”

There is no way liquid would meet my fresh carpet even with a spill over this rug circle. These do make great sitting circles for classrooms, daycares and even churches, but are also great at home. As a 2nd grade teacher my Mom says, “these would be great to keep the kids more still… to give them special floor spots that are much more comfortable than the floor we use at reading and activity time”. As a Mom I thought, “how great for sleep overs when a movie is on. The kids can sit on these instead of the hard floor or can use them like placemats to save my carpets”.

No matter how you see a use for these they are built to last. They are made in the USA and the edges are sewn with fabric tape so they should not fray. There are a few sizes and colors to choose from and you can buy 1 or a set of 6 that saves you if you buy the bulk.

You can find the Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats online. Want to save? You can use the code: blog17 to save 15% on your entire order (excluding clearance).

How would you use your carpet circles?

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Debunking Some Myths Of The “All Natural” Parenting Craze

Overall, the push for parents to be more natural in how they run their homes and raise their children is a good thing. After all, kids who are raised eating healthfully are more likely to have healthy food habits later on in life. Furthermore, there’s absolutely no harm in teaching your kids about recycling or living a “green” lifestyle. In fact, it will make them better and more responsible citizens as adults.

Debunking Some Myths Of The All Natural Parenting Craze

However, there is sadly a new movement of parents who take “all natural” to a level where it becomes downright dangerous to both them and their children. To ensure that you have a natural household but not a dangerous household, here are some natural parenting myths, debunked.

Myth: Vaccines Are Dangerous For Children

Sadly, there are too many parents out there who believe the myths promulgated by celebrities over the expertise of obstetricians, such as Max Izbicki. Max Izbicki is one of the growing list of medical professionals who are seeing more and more patients who are reluctant to vaccinate their children based on something they read on social media.

Remember, there is absolutely no evidence that vaccines cause any sorts of diseases or mental health issues. However, there have been cases of children becoming very ill or even passing away due to illnesses that would have been preventable had they been vaccinated. Do the smart thing and just say no to the anti-vaccine movement.

Myth: Breastfeeding For Many Years Is Good For The Child

There is currently a big trend in mothers breastfeeding their children far past infancy, with some kids being upwards of 12-years-old and still breastfeeding. While breastfeeding older children used to be something that only “crazy people” did, this trend has become more mainstreamed thanks to supposedly holistic “mommy bloggers.”

There is no evidence that breastfeeding an older child has any mental or physical benefits. Furthermore, there is actually evidence that when older children breastfeed, it sets them up for potentially serious dental problems down the road. The exact age when you should stop breastfeeding varies, but it’s far younger than 12-years-old.

Myth: Gluten Is Bad For You

More and more “natural moms” are removing gluten from the equation entirely when it comes to feeding their families. There is only one time when removing gluten from the diet is necessary and that’s when you have an allergy to it. While gluten-free enthusiasts swear that they feel more energized without gluten in their lives, it is most certainly a placebo effect, as there is no scientific reason as to why a gluten non-sensitive person would feel improved health after cutting out the substance.

Essentially, unless your child has Celiac disease, let them have toast. Depriving your child of a perfectly healthy substance that they have no allergy to is extremely unnecessary. If you think your child might have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, have them tested by a doctor.

It’s admirable to want to raise your child as naturally as possible, but you should never take this too far. Some “natural” parenting techniques can actually end up having a harmful effect. If you want to be natural, focus on feeding your kids a clean diet, teaching them about the earth and imparting upon them the importance of medical professionals.

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Learning Through Pretend Play with Little Adventures- Promo Code and Giveaway

Thank you to Little Adventures for the partnership on this feature. Opinions are my own

Admit it! If you could put on a cape and hold a sword with no one judging you your inner child would pop right out and have you swinging at imaginary enemies and creating ‘dangerous’ scenarios that leave you the hero. This is how kids play. This is how kids learn. Maybe it has you stop a moment before yelling at your child to stop ‘rough housing’ when he flies through the living room in a cape and sword. Perhaps he is on a mission and imagine if you stepped in to ‘help’.

At times I would be stern as my son was too wild inside and other times I remember asking him what the rush was? What was he attempting here? So when I would say “Who are we after? Can I help?” His face would light up and suddenly I knew all the details of his adventure as he would tell me and it was always fun play time together.

I loved the days of his capes and Thor hammers. He carried those 2 everywhere with him. My son was was THAT child who was in the grocery store, superhero costume and all with no shame. He would tell me he needs his cape and hammer…”just in case!” Even as a Ring Bearer at my sisters wedding he insisted on having his hammer down the aisle so she let him!

Learning Through Pretend Play

  • Critical Thinking: through role playing and problem solving, kids use pretend play to learn how to find conclusions. When rough play is involved to a safe extent, they are actually learning to self-regulate.
  • Problem Solving: Someone has to create a solution to rescue the princess or defeat the evil monsters. Your child will find a way!
  • Imagination: this is the natural way that children discover and learn about the world. In the scenarios they create in their games they find ways to use the skills they have to do more such as dress themselves and create scenarios.

Now it is hard to be a real superhero or princess without the right props. Little Adventures has all of the safe props and pretend play costume any child (or adult) needs to save the world. From Fairies to Dancing and Ninjas to Dragons you can find capes, dresses, swords, masks and more. The best part is that these pieces won’t cost you a fortune compared to other online pretend play options. Not only are they fun to wear and learn, I mean PLAY, with, you will be folding these up for their keepsake box somewhere down the road like I do.


Everybody gets a little something! Head over to and shop costumes like the Princess Gift Set or Pirate Gift Set for only $19.99 regular price and once you find the costumes you want, enter to code: PH15% to save an extra 15%.

Want to enter for your chance to win a $30 credit? Enter below. Open to US and ends on 6/25. Good luck!

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Rollerblade Spitfire XT 2016 Kids Inline Skates

Thank you to Rollerblade for partnering with us for this feature

Rollerblade Spitfire XT 2016 Kids Inline Skates

We just wrapped up our Memorial weekend and for the first time is many years we had above 80 degree weather for all 4 days! That is so rare here in Seattle. We spend the weekend visiting family, one last celebration from Anthony’s birthday last week and a road trip to Mt Rainier area for a flea market.  It was gorgeous and not much time was spent indoors with this weather. It has me so excited for summer.

Anthony is also excited as the past 2 weeks he has owned a brand new pair of Rollerblade inline skates. He has never even owned roller skates before so this is new to him and he did not know how to use the inline skates when they arrived. Now he has improved so much and thanks to this weather stretch he has been able to get a lot of practice. That means less time indoors near the TV and games.

He has the Rollerblade Spitfire XT. What is unique about these skates is that they expand in size. Because our kids are always growing these skates can stay theirs for a long time. We spend enough as they grow out of shoes and clothes so now they can keep the skates and in a minor adjustment they will expand a size. There are 3 kid size options to choose from: 11(junior)-1, 2-5 and 5-8. the Spitfire XT comes in red/black. You can find them at Dicks Sporting Goods and on Amazon

When the skates arrived I was so happy with the quality. Words can hardly express how enamored I was inspecting every stitch and feel of the skate. Sizing took a push of a button and a strong pull and the shoe keeps in place. With Anthony as a new rider he has had many spills these past few weeks and there have been no flaws of adjusting form the skates. They use the standard inline skate brake pads too so it is easy to change these out as your child wears our the pads.

Do your kids have inline skates? Have they ridden in a while?

Visit the kids rollerblade options. Let’s get them moving outdoors this summer!