Easy Meal with Safe Catch Seasoned Tuna Pouches

Easy Meal with Safe Catch Seasoned Tuna Pouches

This lockdown! My tween has learned quite a bit of lunch recipes for himself. My husband and I are both considered essential workers so when he gets hungry at home he makes his own lunch. I have taught him to make easy meal options and these seasoned tuna pouches are one of his favorites. He eats his on crackers and I love mine in wraps with crisp romaine.

Safe Catch has great flavors with these pouch options. I still love regular tuna with some dill pickles and the Garlic Herb is delicious also. If you are a pepper lover then Citrus Pepper is very flavorful.

Every single tuna that Safe Catch uses in its products is tested for mercury levels. No other company has the technology to do this, which means Safe Catch can guarantee your tuna is pure. Pregnant or nursing? No worries as Safe Catch does not contain the toxins you are told to avoid in most tuna. Safe Catch is safe to eat!

Order your Safe Catch Tuna or find in retailers/grocers near you. Also available on Amazon.


Black Bear Diner Delivers – Puyallup, Wa

So much has changed from shopping to eating out. We can no longer sit down at restaurants until quarantine is lifted and stores limit who can come inside in most cases. It makes me wonder what we will indeed need to get used to for a long while.

I feel like ordering food will become a new norm. Restaurants have already started keeping up wit the changes and are working hard to keep their employees working by enticing customers with pick up and delivery options. Black Bear Diner (popular on the West Coast and parts of the midwest) have locations that will deliver or pick up!

I had the opportunity to try some menu options they have available. To start, they now have New Family Meals. These are portions meant for multiple people to share and we experienced the Chicken Fried Steak (our son’s favorite) and Chicken Strip meals. If you are a chicken strip fan, you will LOVE Black Bear Diner’s strips!

We ordered with a variety of sides and even tried a few desserts. The condiments were all thrown in so they sent a variety of dressings, butter, etc. It was everything we needed to a filling dinner.

With our order of 2 Family Meals and a few desserts, we had some left over and we are 4 adults and 1 tween. It was greatly portioned. All the food was warm and fresh. The one exception was I did throw the fries into our air fryer oven a moment to reheat but fries just don’t travel well no matter where you order from and I always reheat mine anyway. Even the fresh veggies were perfect and still hot.

One thing Black Bear Diner is known for is the Bear Claw and it was so fresh and delicious. The other desserts we had were the Banana Cream Pie and 5 Layer Chocolate Cake.

If you want to support a local restaurant and get fed well, contact your local Black Bear Diner – call or order online. Menu is limited but still plenty to choose from. Order HERE.

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ZENBand Headband or Eye Mask & Wireless Pillow Speakers

ZENBand Headband or Eye Mask & Wireless Pillow Speakers Combination

Everything you have read within the Wellness industry is truthful whether you want to hear that or not. From gimmicks to quality products and hypnosis to stress we are full of products and tips to cope, lose weight, de-stress, uplift, detox and sleep. What works? What are the myths? It depends on who you listen to? There are many fads I have tried and failed at and many books I have read. One constant is music and meditation. It works for me at the end of a long day so it’s my go-to when I need to unwind.

zanband music

I want to introduce you (virtually) to Erin Stair, MD, MPH (often known as Dr. Eeks) writes most of the Blooming Wellness blogs, created ZENBands and hosts the Causes or Cures Podcast on Apple & Spotify. She also works as a medical writer and healthcare data analyst.


She created these ZENBands (for one). I love these bands because not only do they have little, comfortable speakers in them they are made wider than other sleep bands I own so I can pull them down and use as an eye mask. None of my other bands can do that.

zenband speaker

ZENBands are not wireless or Bluetooth so they are a safe technology device. Pregnant? Cardiac patient? Using a wired ZENBand is safe for you! They are very soft and you can remove the speakers if you need. I like them on airplanes for travel. My son loves these in the car.

Dr. Stair also wrote a hilarious book, Yours In Wellness, Krystal Heeling: Letters from the Wellness Industry, you HAVE to read if you have ever stepped into the realm of wellness. Dr. Stair’s second book, is a short, incisive, humorous take on the wellness industry that you will be sure to enjoy while sipping an $11 acai-wheatgrass kombucha. As we say in the land of coffee enemas, “Bottoms Up!” It’s hilarious and you have to read it. It’s a short quick read and available on Amazon.

Visit Blooming Wellness for a bit of modern wellness and science and products to help you on your journey.