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Bind Schoolwork, Artwork and Stories with 4everBound

Thank you 4everBound for partnering for this feature

Bind Schoolwork, Artwork and Stories with 4everBound

 How many bags, boxes or totes do you have flooded with artwork, scribbles and stories fro your child? I had a Star Wars canvas bag, small tote and a shelf all overflowing with artwork from my youngest. Now I just have one book. I am so grateful to 4everBound for allowing me to send in all of those papers and bind them so I can free up storage space and keep Anthony’s work.

4Ever cover

As I gathered up his work, awards, report cards, photos and stories I just needed to keep 2 things in mind. I needed to consider paper size and order. I had a few pieces that went a tad over in size but got an email asking for permission for them to cut to size and I am not sure what pieces were altered because it all looks great.


The book will be bound in the order you send in the papers. Once you sign up and pick your book size you are given the shipping address to send papers. It cost me about $6 to ship all but I did a 2-day shipping method that cost a tad more. The cost of binding and shipping my papers (they pay for return shipping) is a fantastic value and I feel so much better my memories are in one book and not all over the place. Just double and triple check your order so it comes back the way you need it. I did my son’s by age. The photo above is the earliest one saved from a daycare as a toddler.

class photo

You can get as creative as you want in sending in pieces. Mine is a collection of all pieces I have saved of my son from Pre-K to now his 3rd grade year. You can do a sports theme for an older child which would be fun-send in all of their team photos, paper awards, clippings if in town paper and make a fun sports history for them That would be a fantastic graduation gift!

binding book

Another idea can be a memoir. If you follow 4everbound on Facebook you would have seen the recent video of a man who wrote a memoir for his family from his time in the military. It is such a sweet memoir and video. Visit 4everbound to get started!

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