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3 Easter Basket Ideas for Adults, Students and Children

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Enjoy these Easter basket gift ideas

easter basket gifts

Those Easter baskets can be so hard to fill sometimes. We have 3 boys ages 8, 19 and 25. That is a child, college student and adult. I can’t buy packs of Pokemon cards and split and one boy likes chocolate and one is trying to stay away from sweets. The youngest has a list full of wants and then the older boys have needs. So what seems to be a good divide? Socks, sweets and unique school supplies.


Imagine it is the year 1914 and you can order wrapped snacks to be delivered that were baked fresh that same day. Of course this was a small business in a small town. Today they are Tastykake and offer everyone fresh-tasting individually wrapped snacks.


I only wish I could locate these in retailers near me. According to their website they are available in supermarkets and other retail outlets throughout the East, Southeast, and Southwest. The kids will love these sweet treats in Easter themes.


Remember when getting socks was the worst gift ever? Then remember entering adulthood where you have to budget every item you buy and getting socks becomes the best and most useful gift ever? I love getting socks and with older children they appreciate the gifts that stock them up on everyday items they now don’t have to go out and get themselves.

gold toe

The reason why Gold Toe socks make a great gift is that they have styles and fits for everyone. I love Gold Toe because I wear ankle socks most and they never slip into my shoe. I have bought so many socks that slip when I walk or wear after just a few washes and have to toss them. My Gold Toe socks last and stay put.


Have a student? They need writing supplies. They may not admit it because they’d rather have gift cards and cash but I always like to attach gift cards to useful gifts for our college student. Attaching cash or a food gift card to a package of pens or highlighters make the git a bit more fun.

pen gifts

Target has some fun Pilot pens and markers that write smooth and are erasable. Find Pilot Frixion erasable pens and marker pens in different colors. They also have erasable highlighters. The Pilot Precise V5 writes so well as a pen and now they have a deco collection in fun colors and designs. Also find these on Amazon.

Visit these fun brands for more fun and retail locations.

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