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Perfect Pooch Gift Pack for Dogs

I have partnered with Exclusively Pets and was sent product for the #HolidayGiftGuide feature

Perfect Pooch Gift Pack for Dogs

Perfect Pooch Gift Pack for Dogs

Exclusively Pet has been bringing cookies, chews, jerkys and bones for Dog’s to stores and online retailers. Now there is a gift pack available to send several bags of cookies in one festive box for the Holidays. It is called the Perfect Pooch Gift Pack for dogs.

dog cookies

Inside the gift pack are 4 packages of cookies made with natural, kosher ingredients.

  1. 1 Pkg 8 oz Wafer Cookies
  2. Peanut Butter Flavor, 1 Pkg 5.5 oz Best Buddy Bits
  3. Beef & Liver Flavor, 1 Pkg 8 oz Sandwich Cremes
  4. Vanilla Flavor, 1 Pkg 5.5 oz Best Buddy Bones – Cheese Flavor

cookies for dogs

You can find the Perfect Pooch Gift Pack for Dogs and other natural treats for your pooch at retailers such as Fred Meyer (Kroger) and on Amazon. I found the best price at Exclusively Pet.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017, Pets Products

Pet Food Toy – NYC Go Globe

I have partnered with Kurgo and product was sent for this #HolidayGiftGuide Feature

Go Globe Dog Toy

Pet Food Toy – NYC Go Globe

We had 2 fun memories this past summer. I took my 9 year old to see NYC for the first time and we had a blast. Then later in the summer he got his first puppy. Maya is our Whoodle and we are having a blast with her. When she chews on things she shouldn’t, which is happening quite often now, we were told to tell her a firm “No” and replace that with a toy she can chew so we love a variety of toys.

puppy toy

How perfect is this NYC Go Globe for us? The exact memories of our summer in a toy that we drop treats into for Maya. You can use it just as a chew toys alone and it floats so you can even use it as a water toy. I like to put treats into the opening and it is hard to come out as it needs to roll and catch them just right.

Pet Food Toy - NYC Go Globe

Puppies always have that time of day they are the most active and that is typically evening after dinner. If we don’t keep an eye on her constantly she tears into something she shouldn’t. So, this time of day is a great time to drop in some kibble and let her work at it for a long while. Kurgo has many quality products for your dog! Based on this toy I assume they are all just as durable and well made.

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EZVIZ Mini Plus Indoor Home Security Camera

I have partnered with EZVIZ for this #HolidayGiftGuide feature and was sent product

EZVIZ Mini Plus Indoor Home Security Camera

EZVIZ Mini Plus Indoor Home Security Camera

We have a new puppy. We have been potty training and crate training like crazy. We discipline her barking when it’s nonsense and the biting and chewing can be a constant and we are working on that too. At night and when we leave her home she is kenneled. Immediately I knew the best puppy training tool for us is a 2-way indoor home security camera.

With 2-way I am referring to communication and I have that in my EZVIZ Mini Plus. The first day I had the camera on while out I checked in after getting an alert. I saw her going crazy trying to chew on her bed (despite like a hundred chew toys available to her) so I turned on the mic and yelled No. She popped her head up fast and laid down. knowing she’d been caught even if I was away. It’s the perfect gift for puppy owners!

color camera

Features of the Mini Plus

  • Smart home camera with IFTTT capability for connecting to IoT smart devices
  • Voice control with Amazon Echo
  • View anywhere through the EZVIZ app, (see all of your EZVIZ cameras in one place)
  • Always adding new features and functionality with one click updates
  • 10 foot power cord and magnetic base
  • Listen and talk with the built in speaker and mic
  • 1080p HD Video and wide angle 130° view for clearer video and sharper details over a wider area
  • Night vision sensor automatically switches for clearer HD video when it’s dark
  • Multilayer encryption for protected video when saved to the cloud
  • Cloud storage available and one month free trial with 7 day playback included
  • Built-in-storage works with microSD cards up to 128GB for storage beyond the cloud
  • Alerts on your mobile devices when movement is detected

Ezviz app

Whether you need a nanny cam or puppy cam and whether you need your eyes on the inside of your home or outside EZVIZ has cameras for you. I love the Mini Plus for my needs. It is small and the magnetic base helps it stay strong on a shelf. It will switch to a night vision when it senses dark so I can keep eyes on this crazy puppy day or night.

minin plus

I challenge you to visit EZVIZ and see all of their camera options. It is easy to install the free app and connect the unit. It took me just minutes. My router is downstairs and the unit is upstairs near her kennel in a 2700 Square foot home with high speed internet service and I never have connection issues. Also available on Amazon.

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Personalized Pet Gifts from ISeeMe

I have partnered with ISeeMe for this #HolidayGiftGuide Feature and received product

Personalized Pet Gifts from ISeeMe

Personalized Pet Gifts from ISeeMe

Have a pet to shop for or perhaps you will be gifting a dog to a loved one? Consider these personalized pet gifts from ISeeMe. Seriously! They are too adorable. The book is so much fun and it is completely customizable. The steps are very simple to get the book the way you’d like it.

Maya pet gift scarf

If My Dog Could Talk

The book, If My Dog Could Talk, is in a gift set that is perfect for handing off as a present. It comes with the personalized bandana. Maya is wearing hers in a size small.

pet gift book

In the story “Maya” (or your dog’s name) is exploring the world alongside humans. It is humorous and has plenty of mischief.

The last piece to the set is a personalized placemat. Maya is using hers under her food bowl.

How to Personalize your Book

You start by choosing from 12 dog styles and 4-5 color options. The dog’s name and family member’s names are written into the story and displayed in the illustrations. Celebrate your pet by adding a special message and photo on the dedication page. You can even make this book for a pet that has passed (with the story written in the past tense).

Know Before You Buy – Promo Code

In November, ISeeMe is partnering with the Humane Society of Missouri with the code HSMO. Use this code to receive 10% off your purchase (of anything, not limited to the Dog book), and they donate a percent of proceeds back to them at the end of the month.

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National Pet Awareness Month & Holiday Gifts for Pets

I was sent Purina product for feature

National Pet Awareness Month & Holiday Gifts for Pets

November is National Pet Awareness month. If you follow my blog you know that we got a new puppy several weeks ago. Maya is our Whoodle. In the over 2 months she has been ours she has grown much taller, gotten into lots of trouble and learned new tricks. Training her has been very easy because she is so treat motivated. Have you tried Purina products with your pets? Maya loves the Beggin’ Strips and she gets one after some training time or after a bath.

purina snacks

My youngest son loves how it smells when you open the bag because it really smells like bacon. Even if you are celebrating the cat over the holidays or for National Pet Awareness Month, Purina has the cats covered too with the Friskies Party Mix.

bath first

Purina treats are like the classics of pet treats. A trusted brand for a long time in so many households and these treats are fun to put in the pet stocking this season.

It really looks like bacon, doesn’t it? Give your pets a treat and a whole lot of what they deserve. If I had to rate gifts on the most attention given to me when I walk through my front door, Maya takes the top gift. As for the boys and a husband of 12 years, I give their greetings a close second (lol).


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Homemade Dog and Cat Treats From PetCakes

I was provided product for this #HolidayGiftGuide feature and received product

Make Homemade Dog and Cat Treats From PetCakes

Homemade Dog and Cat Treats From PetCakes

What is in the Homemade Dog and Cat Treats

These Homemade Dog and Cat Treats from PetCakes start with organic human-grade ingredients like pumpkin, banana, honey and more safe for pet flavors. There are no harmful additives or preservatives and are soft and warm which is a great treat for dogs or cats that may have sensitive teeth and gum issues.

Let’s cook some Christmas homemade treats for Maya!

In a hurry? Here is the Buy Page to go shop for Homemade Dog and Cat Treats From PetCakes now!

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It’s so easy our 9 year old made her treat (or cake, as we called it). Just add water and pumpkin (optional) and stir. Pur it into the bone mold that comes in the kit and microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.

After it is done in the microwave we mixed water and honey with the frosting packet it came with and spread it on the carob ‘cake’.

Does Maya like her Homemade Dog Treat?

Um, yes! This new puppy of ours is very food motivated so there was no doubt she’d devour the Christmas PetCake. Then stay in a deep dessert coma stare for more. Nope! We started with a little piece and the rest is in the fridge where she can have a little everyday while it stays fresh for up to a week sealed.

The cats have varieties too and you can also find frozen treats and kits. These make great holiday gifts. Start by visiting PetCakes for more!