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The Undoing: An HBO Limited Series on Blu-rayTM and DVD March 23, 2021

The Undoing: An HBO Limited Series on Blu-rayTM and DVD March 23, 2021

The Undoing: An HBO Limited Series

on Blu-rayTM and DVD March 23, 2021

Synopsis of The Undoing

Grace (Kidman) and Jonathan Fraser (Grant) are living the only lives they ever wanted for themselves. Overnight, a chasm opens in their lives: a violent death and a chain of terrible revelations. Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and her family.

The cast is amazing in this series!



  1. The Undoing
  2. The Missing
  3. Do No Harm
  4. See No Evil
  5. Trial by Fury
  6. The Bloody Truth

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The New Mutants, Based on the Marvel Comic Series is Available to watch

I was provided screening access and no other compensation was provided. Thoughts are my own

The New Mutants, Based on the Marvel Comic Series is Available to watch

‘THE NEW MUTANTS’ Available now

Release date: November 17, 2020. The New Mutants is based on the Marvel Comic (X-Men) Series. Available on Digital, 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD

“THE NEW MUTANTS” In this action-filled film, five young people who demonstrate special powers are forced to undergo treatment at a secret institution – allegedly to cure them of the dangers of their powers. But it’s soon clear that their containment is part of a much bigger battle between the forces of good and evil!
Maisie Williams, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, Charlie Heaton and Anya Taylor-Joy in “The New Mutants.”

My son is 12 and LOVES Marvel. We enjoyed this movie as a fun (teen-fun) movie with plenty of the Marvel Superhero, undercover feel. As you determine who the real villain is and as they discover this world they have one-by-one become confined to they will have to set differences and disagreements aside to stay safe. The cast is great – actors you’ve seen in Stranger Things and Game of Thrones and the cast really makes this an engaging film.

“The New Mutants”4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DigitalBonus Features

  • Origins & Influences – Legendary comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz and the filmmakers explore the origins and influences behind “The New Mutants.”
  • Meet the New Mutants – Cast members share their experiences while filming and reveal how they bonded as a family, much like the characters in the film.
  • Deleted Scenes
    • Roberto Suns & Dani Climbs
    • “She’s a Demon”
    • “Everybody’s Type” & Chores
    • Dani’s Nightmare – Alt
    • “I Need to Cool Off”
    • “We’re on Lockdown”
    • Take out the Source
  • Director Josh Boone Chats with Marvel Comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz
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The Croods: A New Age is coming to theaters on Thanksgiving Day

Have you ever wondered how cave people would be able to handle a modern world? Maybe that is not an average thought, but perhaps it could be quite comical to witness. The Croods: A New Age is a humorous family movie where The Croods find a found boy’s land called Tomorrow, a modern (for its time) world hidden safely inside its own walls.

The witty and relatable situations today are fun to see mentioned throughout this movie. It is plenty entertaining for children and adults.

The Croods: New Age Synopsis 

The Croods have survived their fair share of dangers and disasters,from fanged prehistoric beasts to surviving the end of the world, but now they will face their biggest challenge of all: another family.  The Croods need a new place to live. So, the first prehistoric family sets off into the world in search of a safer place to call home. When they discover an idyllic walled-in paradise that meets all their needs, they think their problems are solved … except for one thing. Another family already lives there: the Bettermans. The Bettermans (emphasis on the “better”)—with their elaborate tree house, amazing inventions and irrigated acres of fresh produce—are a couple of steps above the Croods on the evolutionary ladder. When they take the Croods in as the world’s first houseguests, it isn’t long before tensions escalate between the cave family and the modern family. Just when all seems lost, a new threat will propel both families on an epic adventure outside the safety of the wall, one that will force them to embrace their differences, draw strength from each other and forge a future together. 

The Croods: A New Age is directed by Joel Crawford, who is known for his work a several DreamWorks Animation films such as Trolls and Kung Fu Panda.