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Quickly Clean your Car and Sneakers with these Ready-to-Use Erasers

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Quickly Clean your Car and Sneakers with these Ready-to-Use Erasers

In a world where we all had to stop and slow down this year, we seem a bit overwhelmed at the changes as well. When the Holidays near I have to get into a gift buying, entertaining, house decor mode! I love products that help me clean effectively and quickly like these sneakErasers and autoErasers. Open the package, scrub and wipe off. It is so quick and easy to clean your car interior and give my son’s shoes a quick clean.

The size of these make great stocking stuffers for anyone on your list! The sponges are 2-sided to scrub and wipe debris away. Look how white my son’s shoe soles got below! These shoes were not cheap and still fit him so a quick wipe down over the sink keeps them looking great.

I have the pre-moistened pads and the stack of pads I moisten myself with some water so how you want to buy and store the sneakEraers and autoErasers is up to you. I like the pre-moistened for my car because I can keep 2 or 3 in my console for emergency spills and use while out and about instead of letting spills dry and waiting to get home to my products.

These make the white soles shine. Only water is needed if they dry out in use. Keep some at home, in the gym bag, at the office, etc…

For instant auto detailing, visit autoErasers online. For better looking shoes, visit sneakErasers online.

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See the New Hoodies for USA, Canada and Europe at All Tee, All Shade Store

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See the New Hoodies for USA, Canada and Europe at All Tee, All Shade Store

To start, let me introduce you to All Tee, All Shade. This online apparel shop prints messages on their tees and hoodies that are truthful. By truthful, I do not mean for the easily offended. Their message and logo apparel just grew from the USA to Canada and Europe.

My son is in 7th grade and loves logo apparel and perhaps some of their prints are not for tweens, but he always talks about traveling to Europe. He is young and has the travel itch so the Europe Hoodie (EU Hoodie Pullover) was a fun gift for him.

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Let’s look at some fun apparel from each country that All Tee, All Shade offers. Think about who on your gift list would love these!

Sorry, EU and UK but the Man Bun is perfect for you!

For Canada, here is your Maple Leaf!

Then the Red, White and Blue pride!

Order for any region, from any region you wish and you don’t have to wait on shipment times. Fun apparel always makes great gifts.


What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Things to Know about This Method

What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Things to Know about This Method

Someone said that hair is a crown that you never take off. Beautiful and healthy hair is an ornament of every person. It says a lot about someone’s personality and dramatically influences the first impression. The beauty of hair is essential to women, but men don’t neglect this natural decoration either.

This saying would be universally true if there were no problems with excessive stress, genetics, disease, and many other reasons causing hair loss. Some people become bald too soon, or their hair thins out. That can be a pretty traumatic experience, especially for young people.

As seen on this link, it is possible to stimulate follicles and make hair strong and healthy. These treatments can prevent baldness and speed up the growth of new strands. Still, more lasting results take time. So you have to use small tricks until the hair starts to grow back. If there is no hope for restoring follicle function, you need something to create a visual effect of hair presence. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Is Painless and Safe

Scalp Micropigmentation Is Painless and Safe

You can do that by ‘tattooing’ the head. This technique is called scalp micropigmentation and represents a revolution in the field of baldness treatments. SMP can somehow help you with this issue, but it can’t get your hair back. 

SMP is a great way to cover bald spots but has nothing to do with follicles. This technique can be an excellent camouflage until nature starts to do its thing. In case the follicles are destroyed, this intervention can be repeated every few years and provide semi-permanent results.

Many people have a prejudice that the SMP method is painful because it uses needles. Needles are indeed necessary, but the stings wouldn’t hurt more than the mosquito bites. Still, due to the greater comfort of the patient, doctors or SMP artists use local anesthesia.

Method Explanation

The method itself is similar to tattooing; only the diameter of the needles differs. They are used to apply pigment under the skin. That is done with superficial stitches, not more than 2 millimeters deep. This intervention must be performed by an expert because only then will the stitches be consistent, and the color applied evenly. Uniform application of pigment affects the durability of the results and the uniform fading of pigment.

The color is distributed in dots so that it imitates the appearance of real hair. The ink used in SMP is not the same as ink for body tattoos. Pigments for scalpmicropigmentation don’t have any harmful effects on the delicate head skin, as they don’t contain metals (like tattoo ink).

Scalp micropigmentation can be used to cover baldness or as a stand-alone procedure to create a short hairstyle or camouflage scars after transplantation. Besides camouflage scarring, SMP treatment significantly improves this surgery outcome as it provides visual hair density.

What Are the Effects?

Scalp micropigmentation can be used to cover baldness

Although it seems that only men rely on the SMP technique as a solution for baldness, a large number of women also undergo this treatment. Ladies usually have problems with too noticeable parting, receding hairline, or a large contrast between the hair and skin color on the scalp. Micropigmentation will fill any of these gaps.

It takes several treatments for full effect, i.e., to blend the pigment with the surrounding strands and even out with the skin color. It will look as if the person is freshly shaved or very short-haired (this applies to men). In ladies, this treatment will make their hair look thicker.

It’s crucial to choose the right shade of pigment concerning your complexion and natural hair color. Only that way, the result will look real. Over time, the pigments slightly change shade, ‘adapting’ to the surrounding strands. But this effect is not eternal and begins to fade after some time. It’s necessary to repeat the intervention after a few years.

Reputable clinics use quality pigments that will last up to 5 years. This time is individual because the color constancy depends on many factors. These are your skin color, the presence of natural pigments, Sun exposure, the cosmetics you use, etc. Light-skinned people break down the pigment faster. More prolonged exposure to the Sun and certain cosmetic products also speed up this process.

How to Prepare for an Intervention

Although SMP is a non-surgical intervention, it doesn’t mean that you should come to it unprepared. Preparation for this intervention should take several weeks. Soften head skin by using moisturizing products. Don’t blow-dry hair for a few weeks before the intervention, and try to avoid sun and wind exposure as much as possible.

It’s advisable not to use foods and drugs that thin the blood. If the scalp is too bloody, the pigment can be diluted, and micropigmentation won’t give good results. Avoid too much caffeine, energy drinks, and the use of analgesics (aspirin and paracetamol).

Depending on where you do SMP treatment on your head, the intervention can take several hours. It is good to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for that. Get enough sleep before the treatment, eat a healthy meal that will give you energy, and imagine how good your new hairline will look.

Check for Reputable Practitioners

Depending on where you do SMP treatment on your head,

Depending on the reason for undergoing micropigmentation of the assembly, you can consult a doctor or SMP artist. It’s crucial to see in what conditions the intervention will be performed and check whether the practitioners and the clinic have the necessary licenses, knowledge, and experience in doing scalp micropigmentation.

See the following page to find out how to choose a reputable SMP practitioner: https://www.scalpdirectory.com/tips-to-choose-the-best-smp-artist/.

Various factors cause the hair to be thin and begin to fall out. These conditions can occur in both men and women. The result is the same – the person feels insecure and does anything to cover the lack of strands. That’s not an easy job at all, which is why people decide to take SMP treatment. This intervention can provide them with a safe and effective solution that will last.