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Blogger Groups: Multiple Blogger Influence, social media and giveaway groups. we all support and share each others posts.

**Advertising Rates**

I comply with Google/FTC Guidelines

Product Reviews: Product value needs to be $50+. This can be in product or store credit. Features will have links to brand page and share any current promotions. I will have a disclosure statement and all state all opinions are my own!

*Fees can be in product, PayPal or store credit/gift card.

  • Product Review with YouTube Video (children/family products by Anthony): $50 product value + $50 Fee
  • Product Review Premium Package: Post, 3 shares (each) on 3 social channels you choose, 1 YouTube video (embedded into post), Inclusion in current Gift Guide, Newsletter Feature: $50 Product Value + $250 Fee
  • Product Review Social Package: Social Media Posts only (3 posts any 3 channels): $50 Product Value + $50 Fee
  • Product Review post only, 250-300 words, no social shares: $50 Product Value (ask about food/book values)
  • YouTube Only Features: $50 Product value or payment

Apps/Tech Site Reviews: These are for full written app/site reviews with 300-500 words and guides for readers. My opinions, how to use and any current promotions. I will need unpaid access to the app to try so I can get screenshots to use and give honest opinions. $50 fee

Sponsored Posts: In these posts no product is sent to me. I need to research your brand, work with you on story line and inclusions. UP to 3 backlinks with 300-500 words and royalty free or brand-provided images

  • Sponsored Post Blog Feature with 1 share each on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus $200
  • Sponsored Post Premium Package: Blog feature, 3 shares each on any 3 social platforms, 1 YouTube Video, Inclusion in current Gift Guide: $350

Gift Guide Inclusions: I offer year round Gift Guides. I have written a document called,  How To Run a Gift Guide On Your Blog. The Gift Guides are: New Year, New You; Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Father’s Day, Summer Guide, Back to School, Halloween, Holiday Gift Guide.

  • Gift Guide Basic: Includes 1 review write up, inclusion in guide and link back to brand: $40 or $40 product value sent
  • Gift Guide Full Feature: 1 Full Post, Inclusion in Guide, 1 YouTube Video (embedded into post), 3 Shares on any 3 Social Channels of mine, Newsletter Feature: $200
  • Gift Guide Partial Feature: 1 Blog Post, Inclusion in Guide Page and 3 Social Shares Total: $60+ Product Value (can be product and/or store credit, gift cards combined to meet product minimum)

Giveaway Features: I will create the widget, you supply me with prize info, demographics, entry wishes, run dates. I promote all giveaways in many Blog groups and online link ups

  • Giveaway Feature Only: $50 in product, store credit or payment
  • Giveaway in Review Post: Additional product or payment ($30 value)

Any questions, email Erin Sluka at erinnsluka(at)