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Zoey Naturals Effective and Safe Skincare for Baby

I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

Have a baby on your gift list? The toys and outfits are so fun, but I like to settle on the fact that they have no idea what is happening at gifting time and perhaps they even were put down for a nap – on purpose. I like to still gift for ‘Mom’. Even if it is close to a year since baby was born there are newer brands and ideas and they are beginning to run out of essentials. Zoey Naturals has safe and effective ingredients in their baby skincare line and they smell great too!

I remember 12 years ago when my son was an infant that no one seemed to talk much about labels and skin care ingredients, baby carrying wasn’t such a thing and the digital toy/app era was only beginning. Things change fast and what is a concern today are what we didn’t know decades ago. The ingredients in skincare, especially for Baby matter!

Zoey Naturals was created as an idea from Zoey’s parents wanting natural products and her Grandfather’s expertise on developing natural skincare products. The ingredients are everything we want in a child skincare line.

In Zoey Naturals products you will not find harsh chemicals. You only get a hypoallergenic product made with care and gentle fragrances that smell so sweet for baby. Zoey Naturals has lotions, oils, bubble bath, diaper cream, sanitizers and more.

You can find Zoey Naturals products and gift sets at their website.

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Antoinette M

This sounds like a lovely skincare line for children!

Kristyn Martin

This is the perfect gift for my sister in law who is expecting!

athena graeme

These look great! I love the hand sanitizers are spray bottles. It makes it so much easier than the messy squeeze ones. My daughter loves to spray things, this would make her more inclined to use it.