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Zipit Bedding is a hit for the Holidays

This is a promotional post. I was sent product for an honest review.

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Zipit Bedding for kids
Let me start by saying that Zipit Bedding is a huge hit! I am sent products often and between my 7 year old son, neighbors and nephews they get to enjoy some of these products my son and I review as well. My son was sent the Extreme Sports Zipit Bedding and you should hear the excitement from these boys when they see it. My 9 year old nephew is asking for the Extreme Sports now for Christmas and they have all seen this advertised on the As Seen on TV commercials and love it. It is the zipper pocket that stores items on the side of the mattress that excites them the most. From my 7 year old son to 9 year old nephew, this is a huge hit!
With a 7 year old his bed is always a disaster! Blankets half off the bed and sheets shoved to the foot of the bed. He gets frustrated having to grab and rearrange his blankets to make his bed and typically doesn’t even bother to make it. Now we have Zipit Bedding and it rescued this disaster of a bed!
Much better! Zipit Bedding comes with the fitted sheet, pillow case and zip on comforter top. This set is reversible so he could have the sports or chevron pattern. The comforter zips on and is open at both ends for best air flow while sleeping so my son does not get too hot. The fitted sheet has a zipper storage pouch on each side near the head so they can store their tablet, phone or books, etc… at hands reach. The zippers do not go all the way up so he is not irritated at his head with that zipper.
Zipit Bedding comes in twin and full/queen sizes and in 6 patterns-Extreme Sports, Wild Animals, Outer Space, Rock Princess, Fantasy Forest and Sweet Dreams. They also have 3 solid color designs as well as Glow In The Dark Upgrade sets. They have the strong blues and grays as well as pinks and purples in the color designs which I love. These will be a hit this season.
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