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ZENBand Headband or Eye Mask & Wireless Pillow Speakers

ZENBand Headband or Eye Mask & Wireless Pillow Speakers Combination

Everything you have read within the Wellness industry is truthful whether you want to hear that or not. From gimmicks to quality products and hypnosis to stress we are full of products and tips to cope, lose weight, de-stress, uplift, detox and sleep. What works? What are the myths? It depends on who you listen to? There are many fads I have tried and failed at and many books I have read. One constant is music and meditation. It works for me at the end of a long day so it’s my go-to when I need to unwind.

zanband music

I want to introduce you (virtually) to Erin Stair, MD, MPH (often known as Dr. Eeks) writes most of the Blooming Wellness blogs, created ZENBands and hosts the Causes or Cures Podcast on Apple & Spotify. She also works as a medical writer and healthcare data analyst.


She created these ZENBands (for one). I love these bands because not only do they have little, comfortable speakers in them they are made wider than other sleep bands I own so I can pull them down and use as an eye mask. None of my other bands can do that.

zenband speaker

ZENBands are not wireless or Bluetooth so they are a safe technology device. Pregnant? Cardiac patient? Using a wired ZENBand is safe for you! They are very soft and you can remove the speakers if you need. I like them on airplanes for travel. My son loves these in the car.

Dr. Stair also wrote a hilarious book, Yours In Wellness, Krystal Heeling: Letters from the Wellness Industry, you HAVE to read if you have ever stepped into the realm of wellness. Dr. Stair’s second book, is a short, incisive, humorous take on the wellness industry that you will be sure to enjoy while sipping an $11 acai-wheatgrass kombucha. As we say in the land of coffee enemas, “Bottoms Up!” It’s hilarious and you have to read it. It’s a short quick read and available on Amazon.

Visit Blooming Wellness for a bit of modern wellness and science and products to help you on your journey.

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