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ZBand is the best alarm clock for multiple sleep problems

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This is a product review for Z Band

Are you hard to wake? Do you wake others with your alarm? Are you hard of hearing?

Does your husband have 2 alarms he uses to wake up at 5am every morning? Mine does! He sets the clock alarm and his phone and both go off at 5am Monday through Friday right across the hall from our boys. How they sleep through it? I have no idea! I wake up and kick him the mornings he lets it go off too long because I am so afraid the boys will wake up too early over his loud beeping. ZBand may have solve some of your sleep problems.

What is the ZBand?

It is a band that connects to the App control through Bluetooth. It works on all Android devices or Windows systems and you will be sent the band, set up instructions and a one-time use pin to register your band to your device during synchronizing. The band is simple and has an on/off you can press and the controls are within the app. Open the app, set your alarm or alarms, choose days for each alarm and at the designated time, you get a vibration on your wrist that will wake you! It is that easy! Snooze happens by pressing the ‘Z’ once and the alarm is shut off by holding the ‘Z’ for 3 seconds. It lasts 10 days after a 30-minute charge.

Who is the ZBand for?
  • Couples waking at different times
  • Alerts for meetings or appointments
  • Reminders to take medication
  • Hard of hearing or deaf
  • Parents with young children nearby
  • At the office where cell phones are not allowed
  • Those that are hard to wake or use multiple sound alarms
  • People sharing dorms, hotel rooms, etc..

You can purchase the ZBand at
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