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Zabada Floor Care System allows you to ditch the mop bucket and cleaners

This is a promotional post for Zabada

If you have a house of hardwood floors like me, mopping can be a tedious and dirty task. Gross mop bucket water and cleaners to help clean dirt and leave a clean shine behind. Many cleaners are really not the healthiest chemicals to have a child or pet crawling all over after you mop so you battle the “…don’t anyone walk on the floors until dry” fight. And how many times can you really use that mop until it looks a mess and unsanitary? Not many. Have you seen the price of decent mops at the stores? This is why Zabada is what I use on my floors. It is my forever mop and the best part is I can ditch the mop bucket and cleaners!
Effortless Cleaning for all large, hard surfaces

Zabada offers 4 mop fabric options. The Dust Floor Fiber can replace your broom and vacuum and has a 2-3 year life span as it picks up dust, hair & dirt without dispersing it which is easier on those with allergies and asthma. The Matte Floor Fiber cleans your non-reflective hardwood floors with just water and lasts longer than a standard microfiber mop. The Gloss Floor Fiber is designed to clean high gloss reflective floors. This super-absorbent microfiber requires only a little bit of water and dries fast. The fourth cloth and the one I use is the Hi-Shine Floor Fiber. My hardwood floors are sealed and that is the type of floors this cleaning fiber is made for. I just et, ring out and effortlessly mop clean and it dries fast. 
Each cleaning cloth can be attached to the mop head with no hands or bending over. Adjust the handle height of the mop pole to avoid bending over, drop your cloth on the floor and step on Open on the mop head to slide in the cloth grooves. Take your foot again to press on close and you are ready to mop! Just see my image above on how easy it is to wet, drop and mop without breaking your back!
Zabada products offer a chemical-free and safer clean:

Zabada works for all of your cleaning needs from floors to windows. Remove 99% of harmful bacteria with just a little water. Make the switch, save money, back aches, time and waste!

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