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Your sandwich just got healthier using LaTortilla Factory Tortillas #Review

LaTortilla Factory

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Did you know that 2 slices of whole wheat bread average about 200 calories? If you were to replace your 2 pieces of bread with a LaTortilla Factory Whole Wheat & Low Carb Tortilla you would turn that sandwich into a healthier wrap and cut 120 calories from your lunch meal. In my routine calorie cut backs I do a few times a year, it is the first switch I make. I keep tortillas and make wraps. Even cheeseburger wraps are amazing and you save even more calories then when you use a bun.

I have a house of boys and I know you are thinking that they will look at you like you are crazy cutting their carb-loaded breads, but everyone including my husband transitioned very well. In fact, my 5 year old will even ask for wraps over cheeseburgers at fast food stores now.   Of course you can use these tortillas in a number of ways. Flour tortillas in your Mexican Meal Nights average about 120 calories per tortilla. These whole wheat tortillas from LaTortilla Factory are only 80 calories. I love the texture and they are delicious.

tortilla wrap

Do you want more proof besides Calories that making the switch from breads to tortilla are beneficial? Compared to whole wheat breads (on average) you will consume the same amount of fat, 1g more fiber & 4g more protein. Compared to flour tortillas (on average) you will consume .5g less fat, 9g more fiber & 5g more protein. Why consume the extra carbs? We all need some fat & carbs and I will not educate against that, but if you cut them in the grains and breads and consume the healthy fats & carbs from your veggies like avocados, etc.. then you just treated your body with the natural source of these fats it craves.  

LaTortilla Factory Tortillas do contain the unhealthy fats & oils. Visit to learn more and see the other great products they have to offer.   What would you like to wrap up in your Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortilla?

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Desiree M.

I'm always looking for low carb & low calorie tortillas. Thanks for sharing


Looks Delicious A Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Wrap Sounds Delicious!!

Gluten Free for Jen

I love their gluten free wraps! They make great enchiladas!


I really like wraps and my favorite is a turkey and Swiss.

Erinn Sluka

That is my son's favorite too! If only fas food wold catch on and serve a healthy roll up-can't cost more then a cheeseburger?!!

Sarah McKelvy

I need to try these. I'm HORRIBLE at eating too many carbs; I don't know why, I just like them a lot.

tony greene

I use these on the weekends to make my kids a quick ham, egg, and cheese wrap.

Michelle Feliciano

I just had one of those for breakfast with eggs and veggies. So good!


looks yummy – but unless they make it gluten-free….

Maegan @ The Bee Hive Buzz

I've been hunting for some healthier options and had no idea how many calories I could cut just by pitching the bread and substituting these tortillas! Great article 🙂