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Your morning yogurt has a new partner with Weetabix

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

The best time to get that boost of energy is first thing in the morning and the best energy is healthy energy. Weetabix is a healthy dose of morning energy and it began almost a century ago in South Africa, then decades later in the UK and now you can enjoy Weetabix with your morning breakfast. 

 Different, isn’t it? Is it a biscuit or cereal? It is labeled as cereal and you can eat it in a bowl warm or cold with milk and adding fruit just gives that added nutrition. You can also crumble it and bake with it and add it as topping to yogurt or baked goods. Weetabix’s serving size is 2 biscuits and with that you get only 2g of sugar and 4g of fiber and protein.

Weetabix is Non GMO Project certified and American Heart Association certified as a whole grain cereal. This cereal is minimally processed and has a natural wheat taste that is light. Just think of the fun you can have in recipes using these little bites of energy!

I can get Weetabix at my local Whole Foods and Town & Country and if you visit the website, you can use there store locator for a location near you. If you like to bake healthy, I would keep these biscuits on hand!

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