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Your Kids Can Safely Communicate With Safe Email For Kids

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Let’s face it! We are in a digital world and if you think it is appearant to us, think of how integrated it is in our child’s life! Our 10th grade son brought me his syllabuses last night for this year and the one from his english teacher says “Utilizing technology is important for preparing each of you for the 21st Century workplace. Since the school does not provide each student with a personal device, if you own one of the following, you are encouraged to bring it for your use to enhance learning.” then she goes on to describe the No personal use contract they sign. So there you go-our kids are here now! Enter digital and technological education. Now your kids can start with an email account controlled by you! KidsEmail (.org) offers us parents a way to allow our kids to communicate and receive emails on a secure platform.

About KidsEmail
  • Safe platform for your child to get started in technology and safely communicate with relatives and friends
  • You can try the service for 30 days-FREE!
  • You are able to protect your child from predators, spam, viruses and vulgarity
  • Choose themes-my son chose the Dog theme above
  • Remove links and images with emails if you choose
  • Their is a TEEN account that allows older children more access abilities that you turn on and off
  • As you add a child, you have boxes to check on all the access you want that child to have or not have
  • You can choose plans that are month to month or save with multiple months and this is per account up to 4 or 6 emails (not per child).
And right now, your child can enter the Young Author Competition! Their short story created from their KidsEmail account can get them their story and illustrations published as a book that will be shared. 
Visit KidsEmail today to start your trial and see for yourself the benefits of this safe online service.

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