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Your Child Can Find Ways to Change the World in the New I See Me Personalized Book #Giveaway

This is a promotional post for I See Me Books

I Can Change the World
by I See Me personalized children’s books

My son is 6 and recently I was cleaning out some old toys and books and he made sure to run upstairs and tell me what to and not to throw out. It was very important I did not give away any books with his name in them! I told him that those are keepsakes and he let me know his favorite books are the personalized ones. The newest to his collection is called Anthony Can Change the World.
In this NEW book from I See Me, he learns all the small things he can do to make the world and everyone in it a happier place. Whether he learns to smile at others or help carry groceries and even to plant a seed or tree, he learns how all of these things are good deeds. It is hard at age 6 to place yourself as an individual in this large world. They do not comprehend space and time very well and they cannot grasp what billions of people look like in a population. They do understand responsibility and caring as well as empathy. They can be told that no matter how big the world is, by one person doing one good thing, it can change many other people. This is a great time for a child to learn this and in a book with a character resembling themselves is the greatest learning tool.
I See Me offers more than personalized books, you can add your child’s name to many useful items that make great gifts all year round. You will find growth charts, placemats, coloring books, puzzles and more. I have more than one I See Me product and each is made with great quality to last a long time. 
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Do you have a photo of your child doing a good deed? Perhaps tonight they sit down to send a letter or donate change. Grab a photos and share it  with iSee Me and one of my readers will win a copy of this book above you can personalize.

Details below and grab the URL to your posting and share it below in a comments for your entry!

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With this title, they hope to empower children to make a difference in the world even with the simplest of deeds.  Participate in their #ShareYourSmile movement by posting a photo of your child’s smiling face to their social media channels. For Facebook, post your child’s photo on their wall using #ShareYourSmile. For Twitter and Instagram, all you have to do is post the photo using #ShareYourSmile. For Pinterest, pin your child’s smiling face to our #ShareYourSmile board. We look forward to seeing your smiles!  

When your photos are shared, I See Me! will spread the love by giving $5,000 back to the Scary Mommy Nation Thanksgiving Project to help feed the hungry.  Julie Bender at the popular blog Scary Mommy will be reviewing the book and also be spreading the word about #ShareYourSmile. 
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own
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