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Your backseat makeover with Lassig 4Kids organizer at Haba

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I have a 7 year old who owns the backseat of my car. For standard trips to the store, he grabs a toy, his tablet and I always keep water in the back seat for him. On longer trips like vacations in the summer he takes books, more toys, his DVD player, movies, snacks and more! We have one cup holder pull down in the center, but if the teenager is with us they both fight for space. I have had an organizer in the back behind the front seat for him, but there is not enough storage and many times, it is empty of items and my car seats and floors are littered. I needed something with enough storage and one he wants to use. Haba has the best back seat organizer I have yet to own! It is called the Lassig 4Kids Backseat Car Organizer and we have the Shark Ocean style, but it also comes in Starlight Olive, Starlight Magenta and Ocean Magenta. 

There are 7 pockets neatly organized in a well-sewn organizer. 2 pockets zip for smaller items like snacks, gum, change, cords. There is an insulated cup or bottle holder that is snug to hold it in place. There are 3 deeper pockets to slip in toys, DVD’s or headphones and a velcro pocket for maybe some napkins, pens or even wipes for them to grab. It attaches both at the top around the headrest. If your headrest is not designed like mine above, there are straps attached that allow you to harness the organizer the opposite direction over and under. It also has a strap that wraps around the seat base that is hidden to the seat occupant up front. When you get the organizer set up, simply tighten the straps and it is in place and does not bunch up at the top like many do once secure.
I love the fun colors, all of the storage and it is so well made. The Lassig 4Kids Backseat Car Organizer at Haba is truly the last organizer you will buy. At under $45 you will fall in love with the pockets and durability. My son loves the colors and is encouraged to use it as he loves the design that is bright and fun. My last one was black and sort of blended in too much that it never was used. My son immediately started to find the right spot for his stuff. The photo above is my 7 year olds organization, not mine! He is taking pride in having this one and everything has a place. My backseat got a proper makeover-finally!
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