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Young Avenue Kids Mix Classical Music And Fun in ‘Whatever I Want To Be’ on CD

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I was recently sent a CD copy for review by Young Avenue Kids ‘Whatever I Want To Be” and my son listens to it every night now. The music in this CD brings everyday topics relevant to any toddler or child and adds a bit of classical music that is catchy and educates as well. As a parent, I believe classical music should not be forgotten and at many points throughout my boys’ lives it should be brought into light that it is the real music. It is the real instrument and foundation to what we listen to today. It is art and education that is portrayed best when you use the simple music behind a story or meaning. Some music CD’s of his are “noisy” and hard for him to really focus on the lyrics. This CD will have you memorizing versus and stopping to really hear what they are saying to your child. I catch my son just sitting and really listening to what is said and it didn’t take him long to really grab on to the lyrics to his favorites from this CD.

The track has 11 tracks and an epilogue where kids discuss the composers.
  1. Blast Off With Suppe
  2. The Orchestra Families
  3. The Gorgeous Butterfly
  4. William Tell Is Oh So Swell
  5. Nighttime In The Toy Store
  6. Tic Toc, Tic Toc
  7. Whatever I Want To Be-(My son’s pick)
  8. Clouds
  9. Clean Up Time
  10. That’s The Way To Brush your Teeth (My son’s other pick)
  11. The Circus

The composers for this CD range from 6 to adult. I love that kids my son’s age and a bit older are behind the music. It makes it that much more engaging for him.
To learn more or to purchase/download this CD, head over to the Young Avenue Kids Website. You can here previews of each song on their CD page!
Disclosure: A special thanks to Waldmania PR for allowing my son & I to review this CD. All opinions are 100% my own.

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9 thoughts on “Young Avenue Kids Mix Classical Music And Fun in ‘Whatever I Want To Be’ on CD”

  1. This looks like a great CD for kids. I will have my grandson listen to a couple of the songs after school and if he likes it I will buy it for him.

  2. We are a playful family. We all love to sing & dance with my 5yr old G'son and have done this since he was born. I know he would so enjoy this CD. His baby sister will be here in July. This is a must have for our collection. Wonderful post!

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