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Yoga Wear For Confident Girls and Ladies at Jill Yoga

I have partnered with Jill Yoga for this feature


This has been one of the hottest summers in the Pacific NW that I remember having in years. We actually bought A/C install after enduring such a warm season so we can stay comfortable especially if our summers become this hot going forward. Having a proper AC and programmable thermostat option in our home is not only energy efficient but adds comfort which is what matters to us as a family. Comfort in all levels from home temp, relationships and even the clothing we wear while out traveling, biking or just having a couch night.  From baby to woman, Jill Yoga offers comfort you wear and I have been wearing some pieces I don’t want to take off.


Let’s start with baby – yes, baby! Whether bundling up for a winter night out or heading to the summer fair, your infant and toddler has options form the same yoga comfort we love as women. The clothing conforms and stretches with their movements.

“Once girls try on our comfortable, fashionable pieces, the bold colours and trendy styling automatically brings out their inner confidence making it a staple for girls to wear everyday and everywhere. ”


As they become girls it is about dance, sports and confidence. Jill Yoga’s mission is to Be Active, Be Bold, Be You and that refers to building that confidence and promote healthy active living. The spirit of a young girl needs to embody all of that on the inside and out so there are designs for her too.


Now for you, Mom! There is no better way to show comfort and build confidence in our girls if we have it ourselves. With Jill Yoga you will fall with love with the comfort like I have. The piece I wear most are my new Ladies Cropped Jogger pants. They fit true to size but with my preference I would like to try even the next size up because I would have a more relaxed fit, but they do fit well at the waist and in height. I love that terry knit softness and the hems as well. They are just so comfortable to move and stretch in.


Another Jill Yoga piece I own will be one I may wear as fall hits is the Ladies Seamless Quarter Zip. This is a nylon/spandex material and the pockets are a front inseam design. Again I am a medium and ordered the Sm/Med. I needed the L/XL but it still fits great and I add a layer tank for the waist length. I am a taller torso so I should have ordered a size up. That is not to say it doesn’t fit true to size, it does fit great in every other way but my own height calculation was off. It is so comfortable and I love the bold colors.

Now what about the boys? Visit their Shiamak Gear collection and you’ll find some things in there for them too.

What do you think? I’d love to have you see their line and tell me what you love!

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