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Xlear joins the Halloween Candy Buy Back program to send candy to Soldiers

This is a promotional post. I was sent product for an honest opinion

Xlear joins the Halloween Candy Buy Back program to send candy to Soldiers
A few times in the past, I have posted about the benefits of xylitol using Xlear, Spry and SparX products. I recommend you visit that link to learn more, but the announcement I am excited to make to you is that I was informed that SparX xylitol candies have now partnered with the Halloween Candy Buy Back!
The Halloween Candy Buy Back started in 2005 as a way to get kids to turn over the unhealthy candy that is damaging to their oral health in exchange for a token or gift. This candy turned in is then sent overseas for our Soldiers to enjoy as they miss these treats from home! Dentists and Oral professionals from all over the nation participate and you can locate an office near you this year. For years we have had a Halloween Fairy visit the morning after Halloween. I allow my son to choose 5 candies and he leaves the rest at the front door. The Halloween Fairy leaves a toy for him overnight that he wakes up to and the Halloween Fairy turns that candy in.
The SparX xylitol candies are such a great alternative to the high-sugar candies your child gets. It is important to remember that xylitol is lethal to dog’s but in our home we have no dog’s and we keep our food up anyway. The benefits to yours and your children’s oral health is so great! You should not only serve SparX instead of traditional candy as a treat, you should make it a daily routine as xylitol has positive effects for your oral health.

You can get a bag of 30 trick-or-treat size xylitol candies at for only $4.32. They come in 3 flavors inside the bag: Natural Fruit, Natural Berry and Natural Citrus.

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