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X-Loop Unisex Sport Glasses for ultimate eye protection outdoors

This is a promotional post for Catania. All opinions are my own.

With a house full of boys, it may not surprise you when I say we are an ATV family. We own quads and just bought a toy hauler so we are outdoors a lot in the spring and summer. When you spend the day riding in the sand and on most days under a hot sun, having proper eye protection is necessary. Ordinary sunglasses do not work. I am a contact wearer and when I am riding in the sand and we get the slightest breeze or I am following another rider, the sand back in my face is horrible at times. You can imagine how many times I have cleaned my contacts while parked at the sand all day. Proper sport glasses make all the difference in the world! This season I am the proud owner of the X-Loop Unisex Ski / Sports / Cycling Sunglasses with Protective Vault Case.

The X-Loop sunglasses have a wrap style that protects from dirt and reflective sunlight. They are UV400 which offers 100% protection. The frames and lens are plastic and durable. They are made to be shatterproof. I love the anti-slip nose pads especially when I will be riding.


Proper eyewear with 100% UV protection is not a fun item to carry around, it is a necessary item. A day in the sun while skiing or boating will create havoc for your eyes and there is nothing worse than glasses with glare or that allow dust and sand near your eyes. Having a sport pair such as the X-Loop along withy the vault case will give you the ultimate protection outdoors.


Learn more and order your pair today before your next outing!
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