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Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Baby View Eco Monitor – Review

I have partnered with Hanwha Techwin Wisenet for feature

The Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Baby View Eco Monitor is a wireless video baby monitor full of features that can be used for more than just baby. I do not even have an infant or a toddler in my home but I use one in our upstairs games room. I’ll explain why in this review. Wisenet is a line of Hanwha Techwin security products from home security to baby monitors. The Baby View is a line of these Wisenet monitors and the Eco refers to a power saving function on this unit you can enable with a click of the mode button.

Before you think that these monitors have too many icons and features on the screen it is actually more simple than it appears. To use the monitor can be unplugged and moved around as long as it has its charge and there is a battery indicator right on the upper corner of the screen. The camera has a straight line 900 foot range and mine is flawless in another level and opposite end of our 2700 square foot home. The camera has to be plugged in at all times and if it becomes unplugged the monitor will beep at you.

You can also change brightness and volume with one touch on the controls. Our youngest is 9 and his game room is upstairs and the other end of our main living area. It is such a pain to walk up and down the stairs reminding him it’s shower time or dinner time. Not only can I keep an eye on him and when friends are over and up there, I can press one button and he can hear my commands very clearly. Even at 9, these are great to just keep an extra eye and ear out for what they are watching and playing on the TV screens in another part of the house.

There are two push buttons on the monitor for turning on the lullaby and white noise sounds. Their are 4 built-in lullabies and 3 white noise options. The second push is a talk button so you can talk 2-way. You can always hear what is happening near the camera, but they cannot hear you until you hold that button intercom style.

I cannot think of a feature this one does not have. Now, Wisenet does sell baby monitors that you can view from remote locations and this one is not that type. This would be for Mom and Dad or Caregiver at home needing extra eyes on their babies- small and big!

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