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Winter skin solutions for Baby and Parents from TriDerma

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With the winter weather comes the drying out of our skin. There are many moisturizing and hydrating beauty products that offer moisture to our dry skin. We  search to keep lotions in our bags and on hand at home to sooth those dry hands and face. But there are a few things to consider that we sometimes fail to think about. If our skin is dry, chances are so is baby’s and your children. Also, where many beauty products offer moisture they also offer harsh chemicals and ingredients that are not so healthy to our skin.

TriDerma offers products for adults and baby that are made with the finest quality. The ingredients are effective, safe and made with botanical formulas. They are effective enough to carry the description on the label of ‘Medical Strength Skin Healing’.

TriDerma heals dry skin and facial flare ups

2 products that I have the pleasure of using is TriDerma Extreme Dryness PLUS™ for sever dry skin. This is more than a moisturizer but a non-greasy skin protectant made with AP4® Aloe. It is fragrance and paraben free and relieves very dry and chapped skin fast while soothing itching and burning skin.

For the face and flare ups that can be worsened with dry skin, the TriDerma Facial Redness Repair™ formula also is non-greasy and made with AP4® Aloe. This lotion helps reduce redness and inflammation as well as Rosacea flare-ups with healing botanicals, vitamins and medical strength ingredients. It is also fragrance and paraben free.

TriDerma for Baby

TriDerma has products safe enough for baby and 2 of these that are great in the combat against winter skin is the TriDerma Baby Daily Healing Moisturizer that has an extra silky-soft feel and offers a gently skin protection as it helps soothe and heal dry skin. This is just a great daily use lotion for baby to apply. It is fragrance and paraben free with proven healing botanicals, avocado, allantoin and vitamins A, B and E.

The TriDerma Baby Eczema Itch and Dryness Fast Healing Cream soothes relief of dryness, itching, rash and Eczema related symptoms. It contains AP4® Aloe, natural botanicals and soothing oats. It is non greasy and contains no Cortisone or parabens

Be prepared this winter and start moisturizing you and your families skin with the right ingredients. You can find TriDerma products at many retailers such as Kroger, CVS, Target, Walgreens and many more retailers online or in store. Need some great gift basket ideas for families you shop for? This makes a great addition to those beauty or family baskets!

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