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Wieners Gone Wild!: Out-of-the-Ballpark Recipes for Extraordinary Hot Dogs #Review

This is a product review for Wieners Gone Wild Recipe Book

With summer here, we have so many American favorite foods we will be serving. Are you bored of preparing the same old recipe? Do you lack the creativity to dress up common foods? Wieners Gone Wild has Out-of-the-Ball-Park Recipes for Extraordinary Hot Dogs. Ever though of a Hot Dog Caesar? How about a hot doff Egg roll? The possibilities are endless and I mentionHot Dog Caesar because as I was reading through the recipes, my own wheels in my brain started turning and I thought “Caesar! How about a Caesar Dog?” That idea was taken-they actually have a Hot Dog Caesar recipe. I couldn’t think of any ideas they did not already include in this recipe book.
I decided that a favorite would be the Twisted Dog. Pretzel and Hot Dog with a house of boys ought to be popular right? It was! Wrapped a homemade pretzel dough around a hot dog, salt and bake. So easy and delicious. See how it came out below.
You will find dozens of hot dog related recipes in this book and it makes a great and fun gift for the cook in your life. The recipes are easy t follow and most are with items the majority of us have right in our pantries and refrigerators! 
Get you Wieners Gone Wild Recipes from Amazon and be the hit at the next hot dog social!

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