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Why you should know the humidity level in your home

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If you were to be asked what the humidity level runs in your home or office, would you know the answer to that? You may know the temperature range or even the gas or heat usage but we don’t typically think about humidity numbers. I never did until I learned why I should. We just aren’t reminded or even told why and how to measure the humidity around us. Meterics not only has simple devices we can keep on hand to accurately measure these levels, but they educate us on the how and why to do such readings.
What is Humidity?

Simply put, humidity is the amount of water vapors that are in the air and is measured between 0-100%. The higher the humidity, the more sticky and clammy our bodies will feel. Our bodies prefer anywhere between 35-50% humidity.
Effects of High Humidity

If humidity starts to creep above 50-60% the sweat on our body evaporates slower so it takes longer to cool down. In turn, the body sweats more to try and compensate for slower cooling creating a viscous cycle. Consuming water is highly recommended when we have this high humidity because we are losing more fluid. As for high humidity on our joints and muscles- our tendons, ligaments and muscles expand which benefits some parts of our body reacting to the humidity levels, but if you suffer from arthritis or joint conditions you will feel discomfort. Fungus and molds also thrive in high humidity so asthma and allergy patients suffer worse in these high levels. If you have an adult, elderly or child with breathing problems, knowing the humidity level in the atmosphere can make a difference in the effects they may experience.
Effects of Low Humidity

If humidity falls much under 35-40% then those with skin and sinus issues will feel the effects. Your skin, sinuses and eyes get dry and itchy. When there is long exposure to low humidity you can get inflammation around the mucus membranes that protect your respiratory system, Meterics reminds us. When this happens it can make you more vulnerable to colds, flus and even pneumonia. Certain bacteria and viruses love low humidity so you can be more susceptible to infection. I have dry eyes naturally and I can tell when humidity os low as my eyes remain so dry and irritated.
Perhaps you have been battling remedies to some of these effects and have yet to even measure your home’s humidity levels. Makes you want a digital humidity reader now, doesn’t it?
The Smart Sensor AS817 Digital Humidity and Temperature reader from Meterics can help you make sure the air is just right around you and it is at an affordable price of $29.99. I am not kidding-the humidity in your home can be the reason for so much suffering from irritated skin to respiratory and joint issues.
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