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Why we use Brainzy for online learning

This is a promotional post for I was not compensated, but given a free month access

Why we use Brainzy for online learning has launched a new online education learning site for children ages 3-7. The methods behind the games and activities are derived from the Common Core Curriculum State Standards. Whether you agree with the Common Core or not, these standards are set to hold teachers accountable and students at levels right for their age and abilities. These activities make learning fun and engaging for the kids. Brainzy makes a great supplement to what they are learning in the classroom in the early elementary years.



My son is 6 and in the first grade. We just had conferences last week and I am a proud parent of my son who is the second highest reader in his class at level K. Level N is where the first graders need to be as they enter 2nd grade next fall. He has received nothing less than 100% of math assignments and his behavior is outstanding! I still use online educational apps anyhow. In first grade, the beginning of the year is a lot of review and level placement, so the real first grade work is only about to begin and I want him to not start so strong then feel frustrated as the learning accelerates a bit. No matter what learning level your child is at, having them engaged and learning up is the best way to keep them feeling confident and OK when they have moments of not understanding assignments.



Brainzy is just one of a few online learning systems offers. Brainzy has Reading and Math games for Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade levels. Play online games with engaging characters guiding your child as they learn at their recommended level. You choose the subject and grade level and they have fun and supplement all the lessons they are familiar with from the classroom. One out of four teachers today are supporting Brainzy as an online learning resource.


Learn more at costs only $3.99 a month and you can try a 7-day FREE trial first! Makes a great holiday gift with their many plans available.
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