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Why we are #FamilyFanatics for our Seattle sports teams

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Would you be surprised if I told you we are a sports fanatic family who live in Seattle? It is hard to not be. We have our Mariner’s on a roll, Seattle Sounders are doing amazing this year, we sent our Dempsey and Yedlin to the World Cup and they played like champs for our US team and our Seahawks won the Super Bowl this year! This is Seattle’s year and although we are still without a basketball team that we are trying so hard to secure, it won’t be long. Give it a decade and I predict basketball will be back-we deserve it! 
We have always been Seahawks football fans and our entire NFL season revolves around where we can be on game day so we do not miss the game. My husband and I even skipped a half day at Disneyland on our Honeymoon years back to make sure we did not miss a game. Seattle Sounders soccer comes real close to that love affair that we have with football. I never miss a Sounders game and have their apps on my phone and my car radio pre-programmed to the game stations in the awful event I cannot catch a game! So when asked if we are #FamilyFanatics, I had to laugh to myself. Of course we are! We are Seattle! We love out teams! If you live and have attended sports events in Seattle, there is a common saying that comes from our stadiums-“If you weren’t a (soccer or football) fan before attending a Sounders or Seahawks game, you will leave the stadium a fan forever”. We are crazy, we are loyal and we have fun as fans at the games. Come to Seattle, if only to attend an MLS or NFL game and you will not forget the experience.

Our Super Bowl Parade Story

After Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl, they came back to town with a huge parade. I knew right away that taking the boys out of school for this was the right thing to do. In fact, Seattle closed schools for the day and my boys’ schools were virtually empty in their classrooms. It was an event they will remember for a lifetime to have skipped school to welcome their Super Bowl champs home. We woke up at the crack of dawn and decided to bus in-so did everyone in the Pacific NW! 3 hours later we arrived 45 miles south into Seattle and found our way to the top of the Westlake Mall to get a glimpse of the parade. It was amazing. The streets were packed for miles. Those who drove spent HOURS getting out of Seattle due to traffic and many never made it in time only to turn around. You could not get in and out of town for hours and the busses were so jammed because they sat in that traffic, we had to get picked up from Northbound direction-opposite of traffic from Dad. Hotels sold out before the event and sold out again for those stuck in traffic when the busses became stranded. All this chaos and every person you came across had the best attitude despite the issues. That’s Seattle! People opened business doors to offer water, a cupcake shop gave my son a free cupcake as we were stranded, a shoe store let me keep using their phone when my battery died, strangers on the street were rallying to offer rides to others needing to get to the other side of town. Yet, if you asked anyone around we all agreed we would do it again! Did I mention it was barely 40 degrees outside that day! I jumped into the chaos as a fan and came out of it prouder then ever to be a Seattle Family Fanatic!

As I wandered Seattle killing time & waiting for our ride that day we spent time in the Team store browsing around. It was packed in there and as usual, I admired the Seahawks and Sounders gear. I fell in love with a Seattle Sounders MLS jacket that cost a lot more than my budget allowed. Later, I was so excited to see that had that same jacket in stock (see below).  It was the Seattle Sounder Ladies jacket in the blue which was rare. I now have it on my wish list! Fanatics MLS gear is full of great selections!

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