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Why to Make Summer 2018 the Time You Get Fit!

A lot of us know that we should be doing more to take care of our health, whether it is having a healthier diet, exercising more, or getting more sleep and taking more care of our stress levels. There are a lot of things that can stand in the way, though, such as feeling like there just isn’t time to up our activity or thinking that there will be time later on.

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However, when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it is a really good time to use the natural energy boost that comes with the summer season to start new habits that will help you stay in better shape long term. Here are three reasons to make this summer the time you make a commitment to a fitter way of life!

Lighter Food is What Your Body Craves!

When it is hot, you simply don’t want to eat stodgy, heavy meals, so why not take advantage of your own urge to eat lighter food to cut down on calories? Salads are only healthier when you are actually conscious of what is in them, and many dressings people tend to choose add a lot of oily fats and sugary calories. However, by becoming salad savvy and knowing how to make your own tasty dressings using ingredients with less caloric value, such as apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, you can make sure that while you are in the mood for crisp, refreshing salads, you are actually getting the health benefits! Add in some supplements like Le-Vel Thrive to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need!

Getting Outdoors!

Another benefit to this time of year is that being outside is a lot more pleasant, and so you can use this to start exercising more. Add a pleasant evening walk after your dinner, get up earlier and do some exercise before your day’s efforts really begin, or even slip out on your lunch break for a trip to the gym or a run. These sunny, outdoorsy days won’t last forever, but you can use them to build good habits that will last you a long time. By the time the fall rolls around, you will be in a routine that incorporates exercise, and will be able to look for indoor alternatives that help you keep that workout buzz going!

Your Wardrobe is an Incentive!

In summer you tend to need to show a bit more skin for comfort in the heat, and so it can be a good motivator to tone up your body. Working on your upper arms to get rid of flabby ‘wings’ and have a sleeker look can make you feel much better about strappy summer tops, and toning up your legs can allow you to wear shorts and skirts with confidence!

These are just three reasons why the summer season can help you get into a good routine for health, beauty and fitness, so why not get motivated and start today?

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