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Why should a Blogger join #Markerly?

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A few months ago I discovered Markerly. As a Blogger, it is so great to find an influencer marketing site that makes it easy to connect with brands and campaigns. Markerly not only offers a way to connect with major brands like Levis, TruMoo and Super Bowl campaigns, they offer you a platform to track live activity you are getting on your post! The best way to describe Markerly and point out what makes them unique and a huge benefit to us as Bloggers is to bullet them below.

Your Markerly Team

The Benefits of Markerly

  • You get 24/7 support
  • Get paid within 48 hours of posts going live
  • Get free products to review from wine to electronics
  • You get heat maps of all your posts-SEE BELOW an example of how you can track activity from your readers on each post
Heat Map of all Markerly Posts

Is that heat map not the greatest? Markerly understands us as Bloggers and because they are here to help the Bloggers like myself who truly want engaged readers and write to inform and inspire their readers they accept all Blogs to register that have 10,000 or more page views a month and an average of 3 comments a post. Markerly has gone from Beta to one of the best blogging networks I have seen in the shortest time. Even large media has come to recognize the efforts of Markerly in some recent press releases.
I have used many sites and they all produce some great relationships for me, but I always wonder what is happening as readers visit my posts. This is truly a great marketing site in so many ways. I have had bad experience with support from other networks that I know won’t exist with Markerly and did I mention how awesome that heat map is? I love it. I use Blogger as a platform and one day I may rise up and do the big switch to have access to some tools like this, but this is new to me. I will have my fingers crossed with every campaign I apply for so I can watch this sort of activity and really gain and improve as a writer by knowing what my readers are doing (or not doing) to remain engaged on my site. Markerly understands Bloggers as well as brands needs.
Are you ready to join? Before you jump over to register, answer them a question below the hit the log in button and you could win a $250! Visit Markerly now and be a part of the team! 

I was compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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20 thoughts on “Why should a Blogger join #Markerly?”

  1. I would love to see some of your reviews you posted for this company. Can you post the links? I would like to get a better idea about them before I register. As I get bigger I also get busier and have to be more picky of what I choose.

  2. i would find the average of 3 comments per post requirement difficult to meet – unless I went back & deleted some of my content from the time I first started – & I don't really want to do that!

  3. When I registered i had a history of low comments. I was new to Blog networking and only past few posts had those types of comments. Although now I get consistent comments-I was still approved back then.

  4. I tried to write on the form of Beta. I know others who love working with them, but this was my first post for them. I am looking forward myself to see what campaigns I get and track activity.

  5. If you pull up your GA and change dates. You can screen shot on a MAC by clicking (at the same time) Shift+Command+the #3. It will auto go to your 'desktop' file and you can choose that image from 'desktop' file at download. If on PC, hit Print screen button othen fo to an open document and hit CTRL+V to paste and attach that page. If on iPad/iPhone-hold down Power button + Center/Screen button at the same time-it will send a screenshot to your images. Hope that helps!

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