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Why my new Mattress will be a Sleep Number with Sleep IQ Technology

This is a sponsored review on behalf of Smiley360

I was recently asked to visit a Sleep Number store to share my experience with my readers and I got much more than I expected. My husband and I do need a new mattress and as we were walking into the Alderwood Mall here in Lynwood, Wa we said to ourselves that these mattresses will be way out of our price range, but I still need to learn about the Sleep IQ Technology so I can share it with you. I was helped by Jeff, the manager who had great customer service. I think having a customer service-friendly personality is very necessary when your shopping experience requires you to awkwardly lay in beds in front of mall shoppers right outside. I walked in thinking these are out of our league and we left telling ourselves that this will be our new mattress for sure! Let me tell you what happened at this visit that made our minds up. 
Oh and yes-we did ask! Kids? No problem. Those air chambers are kid and pet-friendly!
Find Your Sleep Number
I was first told to lay on a bed and Jeff helped my find my sleep IQ number which was a 40. I was also a 40 when sleeping on my side. I was told that if this bed were in my home I would still need to play with that number a few nights, but once certain what sleep number we are, we set it and never have to adjust it again. It will remember that number on that side of the bed. 
Choose Your Bed

Now that I know my sleep number, step 2 is choosing a bed. The only difference between the beds would be size-Double, Full, Queen or King sizes and the top material. Some are a polyester blend, some plush or memory foam and they even have a bed with dual-temperature which would allow each of us to choose a temp that stays consistent all night long on each side of the bed. The premium bed would have to be the Sleep Number x12 bed-it was the ‘fully loaded’ option. We are pretty convinced this will be the mattress we choose when it is time. Each side has it’s own level where you can adjust head and feet. You can turn your bed into a recliner! Oh and it is voice activated and you can even get the added massage feature.
Sleep IQ Technology
Next is adding on the Sleep IQ Technology. This is an add-on and is only $300. Let me tell you why I was shocked to hear it was that low! This is a technology that runs off your home’s Wi-fi and will be 100% set up when Sleep Number associates delivers the mattress. You won’t have to do a thing and they will walk you through the entire program before they leave. Once set up, you are being monitored by the sensors in the bed’s pumps recording 4 aspects of your body as you sleep. It records your heart rate, breathing rate, movement as you sleep and hours you slept. Those 4 readings collectively give you a score. This score is saved so you can track patterns. Closer to 100 you get, the better sleep you are having all night long. Even more than knowing these 4 stats as you sleep, you can track patterns of your day to find relative reasons for your good or bad sleep patterns. You can tell Sleep IQ your diet, exercise, caffeine & alcohol intake, medications and more. As you see shifts in sleep patterns, you get a tip bar along the bottom with suggestions. This bar knows your habits as you enter them as well as the 4 readings it monitors as you sleep and you will be told how to balance your daily habits to give you better sleep habits. It is impossible to never have a good night’s sleep again with this technology added to your new mattress. 
Best time to buy

We asked this question as we are shopping for a mattress ourselves and was told that the Labor Day Sale is by far the best time of year. They bring in premium beds and mark some down as much as 40-50% off. Better yet, Sleep Number does not require you to take your Labor Day weekend and spend it trying mattresses. This sale begins mid-August and runs into September. Plenty of time to go have the same experience I had and find out just how they can offer these beds for the same price as a quality spring mattress. These beds are air-no springs to wear out. The air chambers will stay their shape well beyond the 25 year warranty these beds have. Better yet-if you look under the mattress fold, there is a zipper. From here, parts can be replaced even decades later so the bed is like new again. This is why we will be back for the Labor Day sale-buy the Sleep Number mattress, guarantee ourselves a better night sleep and never have to buy another mattress again. 
To learn more & find a Sleep Number store near you, visit:

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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy will be compensated from Sleep Number through Smiley360. All opinions are 100% my own.
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