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Why my husband and I still date #YoursandMine

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Our Story
January 28, 2006 is the day I married my husband and our story is unlike anyone else’s. In June of 2004, I had escaped a violently abusive relationship that I was trapped in for 6 years. I had met Pete many years before that through his (now ex) wife who worked with a friend of mine. I just knew of him and actually ended up working with him for a bit. He was married with a child and I was younger and into my Friday night plans. I moved away for college and in those college years is where I met my abusive ex boyfriend. Fast forward to 2004 and Pete is now divorced (I was not surprised as their marriage was rocky from what I knew) and he had 2 boys now. I came home for my little sisters graduation which was truly amazing my ex boyfriend even allowed me to fly home alone-I had not seen my family and years and he just allowed me to come home for her graduation. See a tiny bit of fate happening already?
The weekend I was home for her graduation was surreal. My brother walks into my Mom’s house and says “I just came from the (local auto store) and that guy you used to work with, Pete is the Manager there now and he wants you to go say Hi”. Sheltered and broken I thought that talking to a friend may be a positive thing and I stopped in to see him. I showed up as he was taking lunch so we grabbed a bite, he told me about his recent divorce and how the boys were doing. He asked where I have been and who have I become. He recognized I was not the same Erinn he remembered. I played denial and he begged to see me again that same night. What the heck! It was then I told him and only him, everything including my plan to leave which could end my life. I told him how abused I was and that if I die leaving it was better than how I have been living. He became my angel and friend through the entire escape and even gave me his house the 3 weeks he would be out of the country so I had a safe place to stay after leaving in a town my ex could never find me in. The rest is history!
Why we date
My husband stayed by my side through my fears and emotional roller coaster I was on for quite a while after escaping my ex boyfriend. Even today, I am always a bit withdrawn at times and battle the demons of fear and trust and he is always my rock! 
One thing that has always kept us together is our date nights. As he proposed and we discussed our desires for our marriage together as none of us wanted to mimic the relationships we both came from, we declared that we would NEVER stop dating! 9 years later we still date! Together we added a 3rd boy to the family and with a house of boys, I need the breaks! 
Why do we date? Because it is the single most important gift you can give your marriage and it is also an excellent example to set for your children. Our boys know that their Dad and I communicate about everything and that we are the most important people in each others lives. 
Date nights are essential for us to stay connected and keep our marriage on track. If we do not nurture our love for each other, the passion will fade. I am referring to that passion and attraction which made us fall in love with each other in the first place. You have to take care of that and give it attention or is disappears.
Date Night Tips

A great idea to start your own date night is the K-Y® YOURS+MINE K-Y® DATE NIGHT pack available at most Walmart stores. For $50 you get a meal code to use at, a VUDU movie credit so you can stream a movie right from your TV and K-Y® YOURS+MINE couples lubricants. We have a teenager so we always have a babysitter for our youngest. Date night for us is a few hours at our local casino for some games and dinner. We also have a 22 year old (my stepson) and he loves his little brothers so we can even skip out of town a weekend or two a year and we typically head to Las Vegas.

When date night ends and we get back home or to our hotel room, we are prepared. We have nurtured our passion and K-Y® YOURS+MINE helps us to stay connected and keep our marriage a priority. It starts with a discussion to make date nights a priority and have them scheduled so you both look forward to each other’s time. When it is scheduled, it is meaningful. 
Whether your 2 years into marriage or 20, never stop dating! Your kids are watching and learning from you too!
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