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Why I wish we used Invisalign Teen on our son

This is a sponsored post for Invisalign

A few more weeks and they are off! Our 16 year old gets his braces off soon and he will be so relieved. He is a very confident kid, so he has never let the appearance of his braces bother him, but there are so many reasons why, as a parent I wish I had educated myself more on Invisalign Teen. Why? Invisalign Teen offers a safer product, better hygiene maintenance for the entire process and an accountability system. So much more convenience at no extra cost than traditional braces. And your child can start Invisalign as soon as they loose all of their baby teeth (by 9-11 years old).
Invisalign is safer than wire braces

With Invisalign there are no more of the traditional wire and brackets. There are so many reasons why this is the better choice. First, this means they are removable. Second, playing sports is less dangerous because you get rid of the mouth injury risk that come with a mouth full of wire. Third, no more self-confidence issues that come from many teens who feel a tad insecure wearing wire in their mouth. Invisalign is virtually unnoticeable! 

My son played baseball for years and it was always a concern of mine as I saw balls fly past his head. The right timing could send a ball or bat into his mouth and his wire braces are suddenly able to do so much damage. We have had the occasional wire poking out injury and bleeding gums throughout his braces regimen that I wish I could have eliminated my fears and his injuries by using Invisalign Teen instead.

Invisalign allows for better hygiene

Because Invisalign is not screwed or wired in, it is removable. That means you can brush and floss appropriately. No more discolored teeth after traditional braces are removed because it was too difficult to use those harsh floss brushes for what could end up being years of wearing braces. Invisalign allows for proper brushing and flossing during the entire process.

I am afraid of the first standard dental check up post-wire braces for our son. He has had metal in the way for about 2 years over places that a dental brush cannot reach. It is such a process to keep his teeth clean that I know he has not done a good job of it. I think he feels it is too tedious at times. Once his braces come off, discoloring is bound to be an issue we may need to correct.

Invisalign promotes accountability

On the Invisalign Teen product, there is a blue tag incorporated into the back of the retaining device. If your child has been wearing the retainer as they should, that blue will disappear with so many uses. It needs saliva to disappear. Your child cannot soak it in water or liquid to fool you. They HAVE to be wearing it, conformed to their mouth with saliva to wear out the blue! At checkups, if the blue is still there everyone will your teen has not been wearing it as they should.

My son is a 16…and a boy! He will find the laziest and least resistant way out of anything. To give him a removable product would make me feel really nervous and what if he lost it? No worries-I have ‘ole blue faithful telling me if he is wearing it and there are 6 replacements allowed at no additional charge. 

But isn’t a product so well thought of going to cost me more? 

No! Many dental plans cover Invisalign as they would traditional braces. All that is required of you is to find an authorized Invisalign Teen Orthodontist and make that first consult. Any Insurance worksheets and payment cycles will occur no different than if you were doing traditional braces. 

We had to pay over $150 a month with 2 insurance plans covering treatment. This was still a high out-of-pocket! You can find Invisalign payment plans for as low as $99 out of pocket. 

The Invisalign website makes it so easy to get all of your questions answered. You will see that unless you have extreme cases, Invisalign should work just fine for you. Search your area for Invisalign-certified Orthodontists. When you see the Invisalign logo next to the Doctors name and it has an orange ‘T’, then they are certified to use Invisalign on your teen. You will also see an ‘iTero’ icon next to any Orthodontist who uses the iTero scanner for a more comfortable and accurate teeth Xray. It scans so there is no gagging or films to hold in your mouth. Pain free and quick! Another comfortable option available from Invisalign.
See below for examples:

You will also find a cost calculator that will help give you an idea of where you may fall financially. 

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Any opinions are my own

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