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Why I Trust Eat Cleaner Fruit + Veggie Wash in my Kitchen

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Why I Trust Eat Cleaner Fruit + Veggie Wash

Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie, nationally recognized food expert, founder of and author of the #1 new release, “Eat Like you Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive” has now released a half-gallon refill of her #1 hit, Fruit and Veggie Wash. 

Since the start of quarantine in March, my home has been deep cleaned more than once and that includes maintaining the sanitizing for doors, common spaces and even food! There are a few good reasons why I use and trust Eat Cleaner® Fruit + Veggie Wash.

For starters, our fresh foods exchanges a few set of hands between the farm and your kitchen. The Farmer, packer, delivery, store or farm receiving and display and then other customers until you purchase and bring it all home. Depending on the food and source it may have been ‘cleaned’ more than once in the process, but as a Mom’s and Dad’s we all know nothing is truly clean unless we clean it ourselves, right?

It says it right on their product site – the only lab proven, patented line of wash and wipes invented to remove over 99% of unwanted residue, including pesticides and agricultural material that can carry harmful bacteria, from fresh produce, while extending produce freshness up to 5x longer. It can’t get better than that to safely wash your fruit and vegetables!

The wash contains a natural, food-grade soaping agent. In the end it actually adds more life to your fresh fruit and veggies. Now the wash is available in an all-new half-gallon value size, perfect for refilling the Eat Cleaner® 12 fl. oz. spray bottle. This helps our households economically and in an eco-friendly way. It is FDA-approved!

To add, Grow Green Industries is a 100% minority, woman-owned business and winner of the World’s Best Technology Gold Prize. It is so easy to use. Spray your fresh fruit and veggies, let sit for 2 minutes and rinse. My apples above were rinsed off before this shot.

You can find Eat Cleaner Fruit + Veggie Wash at select retailers nationwide and online at Eat Cleaner and their Amazon shop.

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Dana Rodriguez

This sounds like a great product. Thanks!