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Why I chose KidsConnect for my son’s first cell phone

I was sent phone and activation for this promotion. Opinions are my own

Where do I start? Let’s start with why I am giving my 7 year old a phone. My son has had a cheap cell phone he uses for games only and it is not activated. I could activate it for phone calls and text, but it would cost me about $30 a month on that phone plan and parental controls are very limited. So he has a phone, but unactivated. Why I decided he needed a phone like KidsConnect was for my peace of mind! I am a helicopter Mom to a point! I am not obsessively protective, but I am aware of my son’s whereabouts and at 7 if he is outside he has to be with friends and not playing alone and a door in my home stays open so I can easily hear and keep an ear out.

He likes taking the bus home sometimes to friends for play dates and recently had an incident where there was miscommunication and a bus driver did not want to let him off with his friend. His Mother cleared it up, having him call the bus barn and OK he gets off, but I don’t like that some bus driver I never met wanted my son to stay on the bus-to where? It kind of spooked me a bit and that was the last straw-I needed to agree to a phone demo and try my son with his first phone. KidsConnect had all the features I want at a price I love.

Standard Cell phones have plans that run about $30 a month I found and had loads of data. My 7 year old doesn’t need this! He has tablets and devices with games on it and I want his phone to be charged at all times and in working condition-not to be used freely as a gaming device and used so often it begins to fail. KidsConnect compares the majority of cell phones in price, yet costs a lot less in monthly fee. You’ll love how limited it is and the features it provides us!

Why I chose KidsConnect

  • GPS: Not only can I log in and see the phone’s coordinates, I can text a certain code and be sent his location when GPS is turned on
  • Checking in: Send a code and listen to your child’s surroundings from your phone. The best peace of mind!!
  • Phonebook: Only the numbers I put in the phone book from my computer can be received and called out from his phone. If they are not in the phone book, they cannot connect with your child!
  • SOS: These 4 numbers and names you set up online will receive any SOS alert and can get his coordinates. I entered mine, my husband, big brother and my Mom as an away number in case of a local disaster. He can simply access our 4 numbers from the front buttons on the phone.
  • Settings: You can select ringtones, control volume and load screen savers
  • Time settings: I can set his phone to be off during sleep or school hours so his phone cannot make noise or ring. He goes to school from 9:20-3:35 so I set his phone to turn off at 9:30 and back on at 3:30 so he has it immediately after school in case of emergency. 
  • Not a gaming phone: You cannot download anything! No games, music or internet. They will only use this phone for needed calls! They cannot even send texts. The only texts involved are your alert or location requests through the phone service to get location and information as you need it 

Getting started

Head to http://www.mykidsconnect.com/ to learn how to get your phone. Once it arrives come back to the website and click on Activate Phone or dial the given number. Once activated you will get your phone’s phone number and can set up all the phonebook, GPS options and phone settings like the time phone is on or off and your SOS names and numbers. You set the phone up on your computer and as you work your way through the My Tracker section on the site any changes you make will immediately save for the phone. Need to delete someone from the phonebook down the road-the instant you log in and delete that in My Tracker, the number is off their phonebook on the phone. 
By setting the phone up and making changes through the KidsConnect My Tracker on their website you are secure in that only you are controlling the phone. Your child cannot change these settings from the phone itself. They learn phone usage, responsibility and get that little bit of independence and confidence as they can access certain family and friends and stay connected-under your terms! Oh-and no screen protector needed because this phone is kid proof!

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