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Why a K+ treatment is much better for hair straightening than standard harsh chemicals

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What chemical hair strengthening products do you use on your hair to get rid of fizz and untamed curls? Do you use products at home or get it done by a professional? It is always best to allow a professional to add any chemicals to your hair. There is a technology to the product and the hair itself. To avoid damaging hair or ending up with possible skin burns, a professional can do strand tests to guage the right strength of such chemicals for your hair such as the right strength relaxer. 
Have you ever gone to have your hair colored or styled and you are asked what chemical treatments have been used on your hair recently? A good stylist will make sure to ask this. Why? Because they are chemicals and when you add a chemical to anything you alter its natural state and have a residue on your hair that can stay there and react to anything that comes in contact for months! Want to go Blonde-you may end up orange! Want to go red-you can become a pink-head! Sounds funny, but not knowing proper technology and adding correct amounts of chemicals in a particular order or application stage may still come out with hair that looks OK, but what you don’t see is what is in those hair strands of yours waiting to counteract any other treatment that you lay on top of that existing treatment. Remember-your hair is a science. It has a natural layer of Keratin (protein) and that ingredient in its own is the nourishment your hair craves. No artificial chemical can do what Keratin already does naturally.
More about Keratin Control
  • Reconditioning can break the bond that gives hair its curly shape
  • A Neutrilizer can then lock in that straight state it falls back into after breaking that bond
  • A Relaxer does the same as reconditioning, but more softens the tight curls-making them more manageable
  • Keratin then fills the gaps formed by breakage or damage to replenish the hair with its natural protein
  • Keratin is not a part of the harsh chemical family-it supplements your hair, not damages it
To learn more, see the Keratin Control article: What is Chemical Hair Strengthening Treatment & does it work?

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