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When the sun disappears for the winter, so does our VitaminD

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Golden Glow Vitamin D

The sun gives us more than warmth and longer days, it gives us a very essential vitamin our bodies need for many reasons! Did you know that Vitamin D is the only Vitamin our bodies produce with sunlight? Exposure to the sun creates Vitamin D photosynthesis without the need for supplements. When we are not exposed to the sunshine often we need supplements. How do you know when your body is lacking Vitamin D? About 10 minutes of sunlight to your skin about 3 days a week should be sufficient if you are fair skinned. More may be required if you are darker in complexion.  Bone and muscle pain can be symptoms, but the best way to tell is a blood test. I live in the Pacific NW and my physician states I cannot possibly be getting the appropriate amount of sunlight in our winters so I am to take about 2,000mg a day.

Why do we need Vitamin D? It is needed to regulate the absorption of Calcium & Phosphorus in our bones as well as to aid in the communication between cells within our body. It is an immune system regulator, known to reduce the risk of MS, eases asthma symptoms, helps to maintain body weight and cognitive function and many more functions as well as side effects when we lack the Vitamin. Vitamin D is a huge necessity for our bodies. Because it is the time of year in this country, Golden Glow Nutrition products has some specials on Vitamin D supplements for us and our families.
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To see all the products offered at Golden Glow, visit their nutritional products website.

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2 thoughts on “When the sun disappears for the winter, so does our VitaminD”

  1. I know I don't take all of my essential vitamins. During the winter even though we probably get more sun than you do, I probably don't get enough time out in the sun to get my natural requirement. Thanks for sharing about this product.

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