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What You Need To Do If Your Car Ends Up In The Water..because 3 Cars Did Just Last Night Near Seattle!

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Living here in the Pacific Northwest we pride ourselves on the green landscapes, rivers and mountains that make this state so beautiful. With that comes limited road access and terrain to consider while driving in and out of this region. Bridges are in almost every town and we live my the Pass Reports each winter to drive across state-or not to when the passes close due to avalanches. Some of our bridges are quite old and as I-5 was built in the 50’s bridges that still stand today were a necessity to cross Rivers and Bays.

 I actually was crossing that exact bridge the morning of 9/11 when I lived up North. I remember having driven across it and as I had just heard the announcers distraught over the 2nd tower being hit I heard a loud noise to look up over I-5 and see jet planes (from Whidbey Island Base, I can assume) flying above in our airspace. A bit beside the point of this post, but I have that memory stored in my head.

Credit: King5 News

Well last night as drivers were commuting, 1 of the spans collapsed sending cars into the river. Not confirmed, but appears an truck with an over-sized load clipped the top support causing the break. 2 cars & a trailer (amazing that was all) were in the Skagit River and all 3 victims were helped out of the river and all miraculously survived.

Our News has had much coverage and then I stumbled across some tips on what to do if you were to suddenly end up submerged in water in your car. These tips are elaborated on more on the King 5 news website, but let me share some with you as to pass this on may save lives!

  • Obviuosly-Don’t Panic. I mean who panics when you are floating with seconds left in a river or any body of water anyways, right?
  • Do Not Open Your Doors-Duh! You could have as long as 3 minutes-even with power-so roll down the window, unbuckle yourself and exit. 
  • If your car sinks fast, wait. That is wait for the car to fill with water. I suppose-take a breath and wait for pressure to equalize so you can open the door or roll down the window. All power & locked in-do not unbuckle! Read on….
  • Break a window-as water rushes in and you are buckled-wait for the car to fill-unbuckle-exit. If you are unbuckled-risk getting trapped as water pressure tosses you around in your car.
  • Exit-swim to surface-take a breath-go back under if other’s to rescue. I cannot promise I would abide by that. I can’t phathom leaving my child behind so I can take a breath. I suppose it is the for overall benefit perhaps!

Disclosure: Tips above were originally posted o King5 News webpage. I am simply passing on tips to my readers that I feel are valuable and wish to share.

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4 thoughts on “What You Need To Do If Your Car Ends Up In The Water..because 3 Cars Did Just Last Night Near Seattle!”

  1. This is always one of my greatest fears. I would know what to do for myself, but not for my kids. I fear being submerged and not able to get my kids out. They are still little and can't swim. What a scary event.

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