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What worries you about Kids and Smartphones? Learn about Zact mobile Facts #MC

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Are your kids asking for a smartphone for the Holidays? Do you have your fears about getting them one? Do you need more facts to back up your argument for your kids? Perhaps you just need parental control for you to finally give in and allow them to have a smartphone?
Zact Mobile understands our concerns as parents. I love that my son has a phone so we can communicate easily and he can call to check in, but I worry about what he does on his phone in sites I cannot control. He is 16 so I have become a bit more comfortable, but it was only last year at 15 we let him have a smart phone. Before that a text/talk phone was all he had.  The Zact video below talks bout their parental controls…

With an average bill of about $22 a month and many popular phones available with use on this plan, learning more about Zact Mobile’s child phone is worth the peace of mind!

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5 thoughts on “What worries you about Kids and Smartphones? Learn about Zact mobile Facts #MC”

  1. I like that there are parental controls for Smart phones! I had no idea and was wondering how parents monitored what their children looked at on their phones.

  2. My 3 year old was watching something on my iPad once and accidentally got on the internet and saw something really scary. This was completely by accident. So could you imagine what he would do if he was on YouTube? The endless things he could be clicking to watch?

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