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What scents bring you memories? Suave Naturals are available at Walmart #suavescents

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When you think Holidays, what scents come to mind? The Holidays are full of familiar sights, sounds, tastes and scents! Does the smell of Apple and Cinnamon remind you of your families baking, does the smell of Pumpkin remind you of Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone full from dinner, yet they all tend to regather for Pumpkin Pie anyhow-always room for Pumpkin Pie!
My favorite scent of the Holidays is Pine! I love the outdoors and probably one of my favorite scents is cut grass especially on that first warm spring day of the year. Pine reminds me of dressing up in boots and coats as a kids and trampling through the tree farms for the perfect tree. It would seem like eternity to get it home-wait for it to be properly placed in the stand, cut and placed. Then my mom did the lights and garland-THEN we got to hang ornaments! Now that I am a Mom-I find myself buying Pine scents for the home especially since my husband and I elected to go artificial for the tree. Smell is about an essence-a memory. It soothes you and can bring you relaxation and peace when you are around a familiar scent. Suave Naturals at Walmart has so many great and popular scents that will remind you of great things!
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About Suave Naturals
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Body Lotions, deodorants, Shampoos, Body washes
  • Scents List: Sweet pea violet, Lavender Lilac, juicy green apple, aloe & water lily, wild cherry blosson, sun-ripened strawberry, ocean breeze, waterfall mist, tropical coconut, daily clarifying, everlasting sunshine, rain forest fresh
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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2 thoughts on “What scents bring you memories? Suave Naturals are available at Walmart #suavescents”

  1. Noxema – my mom would put it on us as kids when we would sunburn. If I find an old jar at a flea market I always have to take the lid off to see if there is a lingering scent.

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