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What Nutrition Is Your Dog Getting From The Bag Of Dog Food You Buy?

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This is a promotional post on behalf of Wellness Natural Pet Products.

Wellness Natural Pet Food

What food do you feed your Dog? We all want the best for our pets. Afterall, the unconditional love and companionship they bring to the family deserves the best. Like your children, our pets have a digestive system and organs and appearance that needs to be nurtured with healthy diets and exercise. We read labels on our kids foods, we limit the amount of fillers and unhealthy foods they eat because we care about their health. Our pets need that same attention so they can be healthy and active. Almost more so as they cannot tell us they have upset tummies or they have potty problems like diarrhea. In fact, most homes have yards that accomadate your pet so you may never know if they are even suffering from indigestion or unhealthy response to their foods.

My experience as a Veterinary Assistant
I spent several years as a Veterinary Assistant and I can safely say that the majority of emergency health issues we saw were complications from indigestion or lethargic pets with very sensitive stomachs. Many diagnostics are run, it costs a fortune and the end result can be anything from allergies to food, bowel obstructions requiring surgery and dehydration from lethargy and sensitive systems-they feel ‘yucky’-stop eating and pets get dehydrated very fast. In the end, they would be sent home and almost inevitabely told-just change their diet! Many foods, in fact the majority of foods on the market for our pets contain fillers. Think about grocery shopping for your kids! How much of the food in the aisle are full of fillers and unnatural?
Does natural pet food cost more?
No! And let me tell you why! Don’t let the price tag scare you off. Look at the label. Most ‘filler’ foods require you to feed large amounts a day. Because fillers are used, they need to eat more to get the recommended nutrition from that food. Most Veterinarians will tell you that based on the food you feed, you really need to give supplements. If you look at the label of natural dog foods like Wellness Natural Pet Foods, you see that they require less and all their daily recommended nutrients and more are included. 
The most common nutrients missing from your ‘filler’ food that you will find in Wellness® products are probiotics (added after the cooking process to promote a healthy intestinal track and overall digestive health at guaranteed levels), fruit & veggie antioxidants (a proactive step in improving your pets nutrition) & Omega 3 & 6 (offering guaranteed levels of essential fatty acids for cellular function & healthy skin). So to answer the question of whether switching to natural pet food will cost more, you can see that it weighs out very even in the end!

How can I check my bag of dog food?
Wellness® Check Your Bag Campaign allows you to do just that! Get an honest comparison to how your bag of food stacks up against 100% natural ingredients your pet needs for optimal health. Most popular brands are listed-choose yours and compare! You will learn a lot about how to digest that label on your brand of dog food. See what’s missing, research the cost of supplements and you will see that there is no huge budget dent at all in the end. So what is your excuse now?

What if I want to learn more?
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