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What is Stevia? #BuluBox

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HERB: Stevia Rebaudiana

The herb grows wild in Brazil and Paraguay as a small shrub. It is also cultivated in China and Japan areas as well. There are over 300 species of Stevia plants, but the one we use as a sweetener contains 10% Stevioside within its leaves. This herb is completely non-toxic and has been used by the Paraguay Indians for centuries.
Health Benefits

Stevia has zero calories. Stevia will NOT raise blood sugar levels. Tests also show that it is not harmful to any dental concerns. Diabetic? As always-consult your Physician first, but Stevia can safely be consumed by a Diabetic as it does not raise the blood sugar.

Not only is Stevia heat stable, but it is 10-15 times more sweeter than sugar so you use less. It will, however, not caramelize so it may not be great for certain baking recipes. You can actually make your own extract with Stevia leaves, pure water and USP grain alcohol (a Scotch or Brandy).
Stivii from Bulu Box

You can get Stivii cartons from Bulu Box. These are in tablet form so you can sweeten your beverages on-the-go! 1 tablet equals 1 teaspoon of Sugar. Drop one in your Coffee or Teas and it will dissolve. 
0 Suagars, 0 Fat, 0 Calories! Look for them at the Bulu Box Shop.
Bulu Box has an amazing Natural/Supplement Shop as well as their popular monthly Wellness Boxes of samples. You can get a subscription package and be sent samples of many of their Shop items so you can try them before you buy them!


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Makes a great Gift for the Health Nut in your family!

I was not compensated for this post. I am a Bulu Box ambassador and share my affiliate links within this post to offer my readers the best savings.

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  1. I use stevia all the time in my tea. In other beverages not so much. The purest form tastes better than the kind you get at the drug store. The actual powder.

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