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What is Natural Memory Foam? Find out at Essentia

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My husband and I have just started looking for a better mattress. Our current one is almost 6 years old and although that isn’t too old in mattress years, we have always held regrets about our decision on it. We spent days lying on display beds and deciding between memory foam or pillow top. I found that memory foam mattresses tended to actually be uncomfortable after a while of laying in them and moving around.  I have found a site that has taken the negatives of memory foam and added the natural elements to improve the mattress comfort levels! Essentia’s Natural Memory Foam is a slow response latex form! Huh?

Organic Mattresses
It reacts and it feels like a memory foam but does not include the harmful chemicals.This latex is Hevea Milk (a rubber tree sap), organic essential oils, plant extracts and water. Awesome! What are the harmful  chemicals found in traditional memory foam? OK I won’t name all 61 of the harmful chemicals, but I did learn that there are some heavy reactions over time that our body can have as it is exposed to these types of chemicals. From the glues used to the bonding substances, it is real..check it out HERE! There is only 1 other company out there with Esssentia that makes a truly natural memory foam. Those soy products claimed to be healthier are still not without the chemical-offing or odors.
natural memory foam
Visit Essentia’s Website to learn more and while you are there, you can enter their monthly contest. Right now they are giving away a Kingston Dog Bed! Hey, even FIDO deserves a natural rest! I entered! I’m just waiting for that mattress giveaway!
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by our friends at Essentia.

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6 thoughts on “What is Natural Memory Foam? Find out at Essentia”

  1. Make sure that whatever memory foam mattress you get that it has a minimum of 3" of memory foam on the top. You want to look for things like how many pounds it the compression rate is. 3 pounds is pretty soft, 4 less soft, but I have a 3" mattress foam topper that is a 4lb compression and it's like sleeping on a cloud. Seriously comfy. 5lb and you are getting harder and unlikley to "sink" like you want to. It's firm. More than 5 lbs. is overkill and very firm and hard.

    You might want to look into getting a 3 or 4" thick matress topper rather than a whole bed. Trust me, it does make a world of difference. Oh, and if either of you run hot get a gel mattress or topper. It helps.

  2. This is very important information on when selecting a memory foam mattress! I would rather have a natural memory foam mattress if I get one of these. I bet they do not cost that much more money. I am going to take a look at Essentia site!

  3. Wow, I love that this is made of more natural materials!! I bet this would be comfy for a preggo mama!! 🙂

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