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What I Want You To Know About Me As A Blogger

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Welcome to 3sonshavei! I want to thank my loyal readers and I hope I am doing well to reward you as often as possible by bringing frequent giveaways and reviews for some quality products and services. I have began to focus on the topics of Healthy Living as that really is an interest of mine. I believe all of us are naturally concerned about what we feed or use on ourselves and families and being educated about products that offer less harmful ingredients or finding services that help us better understand our health needs appeals to everyone, everywhere!

My goal as a Blog is to provide more of that. I put on hold my Wellness Wednesday posts during the busy summer months, but will start that back up next week. Here you will find a topic related to educating you about health topics and they will post every Wednesday.

Now about me! I am a Mom to a 5 year old as well as 15 and 21 year old (step)sons. I am a NEW Stay at home mom and wife. Thanks to my husbands new promotion, I was able to leave the workforce and stay home with the boys. I do still want some income to help supplement, but I hope to educate myself more on how to do that from home. It is really hard to find a way to do that with a trusted company. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂 We also just moved over 80 miles away. My youngest will enter Kindergarten and my 15 year old will start a new school his 10th grade year! It is a bit hard for him to leave town he calls home, but his Mom still lives there and we are committed to transport him as much as possible to stay connected to her and his friends. I moved 2 states away after my Freshman year and remember being so insecure until school started and I met some great friends I still am close to today! Because I am home, I can concentrate on getting him through these last 3 years of High School and make sure he transitions into real life as stress free as possible. My oldest also lives where we moved from and does well at his job with the same company my Husband works for. My youngest knows it all at 5 and really does not need parenting. He’d rather get his own self through life his own way…”Mr Stubborn”! He is the most hilarious boy to just sit and watch sometimes, he has that same animation I have (he got my Italian traits) and loves role playing. He is constantly in a costume or cape and if you live near me North of Seattle, we will be that family in the store whose 5 year old is dressed as a Superhero just in case we run into problems at Safeway??! I let him do it, he’ll only be this creative for a short time! Plus I have some awesome black mail photos of him for later in life!

I worked many years in the medical field. The last 5 as a Cardiac Surgery Scheduler. I am happy to be home now. I love to write. You can really get to know your own self with a pen and paper (or computer and keyboard) and the right prompts. I consider myself overly trusting, but not naive! I am a friend to everyone and try to love everyone the same. I was born in Ca. and now live in Wa. State. All of my siblings and Parents as well as my Husband’s family live within about 80 miles of each other so we are very close to all family and know how fortunate we are to have everyone so close to each other. My husband is a Regional Manager for a major Auto Retailer and travels often which is a new thing in this new position. So not only am I home more often, but my Husband is also gone more often. Not sure how fair that trade is quite yet! So between blogging an boys, I hope to keep my juices flowing through quality posts and hope that I can help educate you all into a healthier lifestyle for you and your families!

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