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What I Have Learned From a 22-Month Old In A Coma! Eddie’s Inspirations…

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Many of you following know that a little over a month ago, my cousins baby was in a near death drowning accident. Today he lays still in a coma. He has many improvements and his coma is self-induced, not medically! It is what his brain needs and does for him so it can continue to heal! My Uncle has yet to miss a day of updates for us all and his messages alone inspire! Like him, many of us have found faith again and where in our busy lives, we forgot how to have faith & love, Eddie has reunited and inspired so many of us! His prayer page has grown to thousands of followers and many who have stated how Eddie has personally touched and changed them! As for me, if I can send him a letter I know he will be able to read on day of how he changed me-just one person-one family member-may he never forget why he was meant to walk this road for al of us!

Dear Eddie,

Thousands of us watch you peacefully sleeping! We understand it is a sleep you need, but we pray everyday for it to be over & for you to reconnect and give Mommy & Daddy some rest and peace. I have yet to meet you and I grew up as not just your Mommy’s cousin, but living down the street-a best friend! We did some silly things together, but always had each other’s backs. You are so lucky to have Tammy as your Mommy and she deserves you in return. I love you like my Son and I have been working hard to save money so I can come meet you when you wake up. Eddie, I hope access to your prayer page on Facebook still exists for you to read just how many lives you have changed. June 2013 for me was a month I was Katie’s Matron of Honor in her wedding, had quit work to become a Stay At Home Mom and Move over 8o miles away to a new home. Your accident stopped me cold! I felt so guilty that I was excited for my new life and your Mommy lay beside you in so much pain. I never stopped thinking of you and I started praying! Yes, Mommy and me grew up Catholic, but I had forgotten. I try to live a life of forgiveness to those who have hurt me and love for those who deserve it. I try to be a friend and accept everyone. To defend the defenseless and to love like no other. I had started doubting what that gives me in return. I have so much going on and I tend to get overemotional about things and after having left my work and friends, raising my husband’s boys and those dynamics and moving to a foreign town, I began to wonder that if I just focus on myself and tune out everyone else that maybe I can stop feeling so defeated all the time. Wasted energy? I was beginning to think so. I would read your Grandpa’s words he’d send everyday. He never missed a day that I can think of. He would tell us how you inspire him and how he focuses on our role as humans. In a family, love and respect is not automatic. You have to put in before you take out. Sometimes you put in more than you get back and other times you feel not worthy. Love, patience and faith! Those 3 things have become my focus every time I hear your daily updates! I feel you would not have progressed at this moment had no one stopped and sent you prayers of faith, words of love and practiced patience. In life, everyone needs love and when we combine that with faith in God and ourselves, we get miracles like you. We get what is meant to be. No prayers stay unanswered for long-everything falls into place. I believe as you read this, what seems like a mountain for us, by now is just a story & a memory of how we learned to continue to have faith and to love like no one else! I will continue to love hard, defend those who need defending and put as much love into my family as I possibly can. Funny thing-your Mom had contacted me last year about advise of how I handle step parenting. She made me smile to say she was proud and admired how I accepted everyone as my own family and stayed civil and loving. Honestly, I chuckled! She made it seem like it was easy, like it was a rewarding job. It really doesn’t feel very rewarding most times, but it does strengthen your soul to love another child like your own. To insist on structure and respect in a family that can get quite dramatic at times & takes strength. I am reminded of her comments as I type this. At times I felt like giving up and felt more defeated than loved. Not to the Boys fault, I now realize but to my own. Thank you for reminding me how good it feels when you have faith and patience. Thank you for reminding me to not have pitty on myself, but live selflessly. I look back at when I entered this family of mine and how I did all I did for the love of my husband and for my love of 2 children that was automatic. I had forgotten that because I had deleted God from my life just prior to that after some hectic times. What an idiot I was! I will feel enlightened to put more in that I give out now-not defeated and I will remember your story for the rest of my life and never waste time on the petty things in life. You are precious and our lives are too! Eddie, I am so proud of your power and engagement so far! I can not wait to meet you, but continue to heal and sleep as long as you need! Sleep away the bad and wake up to a life so pure and good that you will never forget what you have meant to so many of us. Thank you for reminding me to keep strong and to love always!

I Love You, Baby Boy!

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Sweet Eddie

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