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What Happens To Your Carton Recyclables Once They Leave Your Home?

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This post was sponsored by the Carton Council as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

What Happens To Your Carton Recyclables Once They Leave Your Home?

You know it is important! You see the blue containers! And you use recyclables everyday yet do you remain conscious about recycling? I know lunch breaks are short and running errands with a car full of kids steals all of your focus, but do you know what happens to your recyclables once they leave your home? Maybe if you have a visual and really understand the impact you can make, you will find a way to stay a bit more aware of what cartons you are tossing. I use this type of education and visuals as a teachable moment for the entire family.

A Recycling Video for Motivation

Let’s start with a short video from The Carton Council titled, How Recycled Cartons Become New Products. This is really fun to show the kids too because if they also have a visual that is motivation to help out and recycle. It is important to know why you can and should recycle food and beverage containers.

How and What Cartons to Recycle

You watched the video and now you know what can become of your recyclables. So how and what should you recycle? First of all, if you need a go-to site to see a lot more information on recycling than I can fit into one post, visit the Carton Council website.

The cartons you would typically recycle are packages from soups, broths, milk, juice, coconut & other waters. Other cartons used for packaging could be found with certain wines, creamers, beans to name a few. You would simply put these cartons in your recycling bin with your pickups.

Do you know if your community participates in curbside carton pick up? You can use the zip code locator at, or check with your local program to find out if recycling cartons is as easy as putting them on your curb. While there you can even find ways your family, work and schools can start their own easy recycling efforts. This can be a great class or senior project for your child to take on in their school! Think of what we can do with all of those juice and milk cartons from hundreds of students each day!

Let’s turn these shelf and refrigerated cartons into other paper products or chemical free environmentally friendly building materials.

The entire family can be involved in bettering your recycling habits! You can make it a fun spring or summer competition for the family that can build habits to last well beyond the season. You can start by making it the kids spring project to set recycling collections up in your home!

Getting the entire family to effortlessly recycle (and even to get staff and schools to recycle) can be simple. Sometimes all it takes is some education and a visual like the video I shared above. It is that simple to leave a positive footprint on the environment we will be leaving behind.

Click below to print your own summer chart!

Be sure to visit The Carton Council as I mention earlier because they even offer great ideas for making recycling fun and learn what happens to your recyclables once they leave your home!

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13 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Carton Recyclables Once They Leave Your Home?”

  1. Oh, this is so helpful! We recycle a lot. We’ve tried to teach the kids how it’s important as good stewards, but this video will help answer a lot of the “what happens next?” questions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, what an interesting article! More and more people have been aware about the importance of recycling, but sometimes we just forget to do it. We should make it a habit, and getting the entire family involved would be a great idea.

  3. Very informative article. I was wondering how to do the recycling of these paper cartons that always pile in my house. thank you so much

  4. I love this! We do recycle and even have a bin to put recyclables in. I’ll check about the curbside carton recyclable pick up. It might be in our area!

  5. thanks for sharing all of this with us i had no idea what happened to our cartons once they left our recyclable bins. we recycle here in my house and we have a compost bin as well.

  6. This is really interesting to read, I have to admit I’ve always wondered what happen and how things were recycled, now I know just a little more 🙂

  7. It’s really nice to learn more about this! Thanks for the informative post. It would be great if we could contribute to recycling materials instead of producing more waste. I’d love to look up if my neighborhood has projects regarding waste management.

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