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What Do You Give A Cup About? #GiveACup Peet’s Coffee

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I was asked my Peet’s Coffee to spread the word on their new campaign that could hit a city near you! It starts with telling them ‘What Do You Give A Cup About?’ From there they will decide on cities to take their coffee cups to and spread the coffee love!

Image and value provided by our partner, Peet’s
What do I give a cup about? Education!  I have boys and I have always valued their education. My teen does real well and is very independent when it come to keeping his grades. My youngest starts Kindergarten. Next month we will be moving about 80 miles away which meen T-man starts 10th grade in a brand new school district. Adjustment may be a bit wobbly at first, but the bonus is that the move comes because of my Husband’s promotion which means I get to stay home. No more 40 long hour work weeks. I can focus on my home and the boys. To helping with adjustments and starting my youngest with his education. Now I am not the parent who counts A’s. I want them to obtain to common sense and real-life values of education. I suppose one day they may need to know what an algorhitm is or what year we obtained New Mexico, but the real lesson is in organization and time management. To learn respect and multi-tasking-budgets and due dates! There it is-Education! That is my cup of talk!
How do you participate in this breakthrough social media of a coffee fest?
  • Go to Peet’s Give A Cup page
  • Vote on a topic weekly-they are silly and fun
  • Your vote determines where the next stop will be
  • See the schedule of tours 
The campaign is from June 19th- July 25th so go vote!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated. All opinions and the decision to share remain my own

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