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What Are Blog Giveaways?

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If you are reading this, you probably have heard of Blogs and that there are products given away. I have friends that ask just how you get in on these Giveaways. For us experienced, we take for granted that those who have never entered a Blog giveaway feel lost and don’t have a clue. Just as we once felt.

My very first Blog giveaway experience, I stumbled upon. I saw on a Facebook post that there was a Blog Giveaway. Submit a photo of your child’s summer vacation and win a bilingual Chicco talking car. I saw that it was ending and only 7 people had submitted a photo and figured that my odds were good. Well, I won! The picture below is what won me my very first Blog Giveaway….

2009 Discovery Kingdom

Fast forward and I now Blog and offer product reviews & Giveaways of my own! I will make this as simple and organized as possible as it really is quite simple!
What is a Blog Giveaway?
A Blogger builds relationships with companies, big & small. These companies know the power of Blogger’s voices across the Social Media. They send us a product, we write an honest review and we take our posts and spread them throughout social media sites and in our own Blogger Communities that are out there. It is within these communities that we read, comment and share each other’s posts. I write a post: share it on my FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and Stumble walls as well as leave a link in my communities asking for other Bloggers to comment and share my post in their sites. In return, I share theirs and my post has made it in front of thousands of readers and that gains the company/sponsor much exposure. It is the sponsors that say “Hey, I will ship out another one of my products or gift code to one of your readers in a Giveaway” I write a review inviting people to enter a Giveaway which makes that post look much more inviting. 
Other times, Blogger’s who have status in the Blogging World may ask (within their Blog communities) for paid Giveaways. As Blogger’s, we team up, put money in a pot, use it to purchase/send a product to a winner. Or in most cases, a Blogger gets a donation of a great sponsor to offer up. That Giveaway is inviting thousands of readers to the Giveaway page which encourages follows to our pages and increases our followers/traffic. You may win, we gain status!
How To Enter The Giveaways
There are a few platforms, us Blogger’s use and I will touch on the 2 most popular:
Comments: A Blog may talk about their experience with a product or website. They were either sent the product themselves or given monetary compensation to write about it. They then invite you to “Comment” by answering questions. At the bottom of every Blog post is a box where you can leave a comment. First, look to see if the Blogger asks you to answer any Mandatory question, as this must be the very first comment you submit! Then they would say ‘Extra Entires’ and you would leave a 1 comment per each entry.
Rafflecopter: This is a platform we use to make organizing our Giveaways as well as picking a winner easy & fair. We complete a form that fill in the blanks for us with links to what we ask of you. Below is an example of what Rafflecopter looks like…
Click the Green Do It button, complete that task and it will auto save your entry! We also may ask of you to comment and just like described above, you would comment at the Bottom of our post, then come back and tell Rafflecopter you completed that task.
*NOTE: Pay attention as we may invite you to come back tomorrow to share our Giveaway again for yet more entries. You can essentially come back to our Giveaway everyday while it is live and get more entries!
What Will You Be Asked To Do?
  • Visit the Sponsors Website and come back to the post to leave a comment answering the Blogger’s question as mentioned above.
  • LIKE our/sponsors FB page. We will leave a link to the FB page or Rafflecopter makes it easy and puts our LIKE button on the form and you click the LIKE button.
  • Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest: We or Rafflecopter will link you to our page and you click the Follow button.
  • Tweet: We leave a quote for you to enter on your twitter account. You tweet it, go to that tweet, click the (time area that your post was tweeted as shown in pink below), it will bring that exact tweet link of yours up and you copy all from your browser tab into the comment section of the form or our post leading us right back to verify your tweet                                                                                      (your URL will look like this:
Blah, Blah, Blah……………………………….

8:32 AM – 9 Feb 13 · Details

*Note: Know what ‘Name’ you are on FB/Twitter accounts so when we ask, we can find you to verify if you are a winner. It is very safe to speak on behalf of most Bloggers in that WE DO VERIFY EVERY WINNER! Don’t just say you completed a task if you didn’t. You can get picked and we are forced to choose a new winner!
How Will You Know You Won?
You need to read the Rules at the bottom of every Giveaway post. We will tell you how we each notify our winner. In most cases, we will email you, so it is important that as you enter comment Giveaways or using Rafflecopter that you are providing the email address you check most often. As the standard reply time is only 48 hours or we choose a new winner. Create a separate email you use for just Giveaways if you choose, but check it daily! And don’t forget to check your SPAM daily! I have received many emails that went into my SPAM and I would have missed many opportunities if I did not look. I browse and clear my SPAM several times a day. There are some Bloggers that say you need to come back and see if you won and email them-again, you may only have a 48 hour window so make sure you bookmark those sites or subscribe to them so you can catch their winner announcements.
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  1. thank you much for posting the ins and outs of blog giveaways…i really didn't realize how it all worked, but i'm thinking of starting a blog and i would like to also do giveaways.

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